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When the construction work is going on, people have to work on height and there is always a risk of falling down. Such hazards can lead to minor or severe injury and even also death. If proper actions are taken, such hazards can be minimized. These actions are taken while analyzing height safety and fall protection solution: 

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Selection of equipment
  • Training

A building constructor is responsible for any injury that has occurred to a worker during work. He has to regulate the work done at a height so that nobody faces any accidents while working. 

There are two types of fall protections, which are as follows.

1. Passive fall protection

Guardrail is used in this type of protection to protect the workers from falling. No training is required for using the guardrail. No action is required in this type of protection as the worker working on the rooftop will be protected after the installation of the system

2. Active protection

This is a height safety and fall protection solution tool whose alignment is done with horizontal lifelines and anchor points. In order to work on this system, maintenance, training, management, and inspection is required. Action from the worker is needed when using this system.

Types of Equipment Required for Both Types of Fall Protection

There are many types of equipment required for active and passive protection systems. Some of this equipment is described here.

Non-Penetrating Rooftop Guardrails

KeeGuard rooftop guardrail height safety and fall protection solution system is one of the non-penetrating rooftop guardrails. Installation of this system is very easy and can be used for any type of rooftop. A crew of two men can assemble the system Large sections of roof perimeter can be used for protection. The system has many advantages and disadvantages which are as follows


  • The machine is easy to install.
  • Training is not required to operate it.
  • Made with galvanized material and is durable.


  • Initial cost is high.

Parapet Guardrails

This is a guardrail, which can be easily attached to the roof. The price of the height safety and fall protection solution tool is low but labor cost is high. Another thing is the availability of suitable parapet in which this guardrail can be installed. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are described here.


  • Limner foot cost is low
  • It can be attached to the parapet directly.
  • Training is not required


  • It needs a suitable parapet for installation.
  • Installation cost is high.
  • The owner has to call special labor for proper sealing of penetration.

Horizontal Lifeline

Rooftops have a certain path and this system is built acceding to that path. The system consists of a harness and a lanyard with which the worker has to tie himself. The installation of this system is not easy and a specialized professional is needed for its installation. The workers should be given proper training so that they can use the height safety and fall protection solution system effectively. This system falls in active protection system and various overheads like rescue and management are involved in this system. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows.


  • Product cost is low
  • Mobility is easy.


  • Certified installers should install the system.
  • It should be inspected properly before and after every use.

Non-Penetrating Tie Off Anchor Points

This anchor point is used for adding guardian hammer fit. Workers can tie them up in a particular location to carry out their work. They also have the facility of moving the system to any location where it is needed.

These are some of the systems, which can be used in the case of height safety and fall protection solution. Some of them are easy to install and some are available at an affordable cost. So, make your decision wisely after checking all the available options. 


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