It’s fair to say that you’ll have a lot of worries and concerns as a parent. But which issues should you be focusing on and which ones aren’t as important as they seem? 

Internet Woes

Is the fear of children online overhyped and exaggerated? Unfortunately, the dangers children can face online are very real and you do need to be aware of this as a parent. The big danger is that it’s virtually impossible to police who they are talking to about what they are doing online 100% of the time. They could be accessing dangerous sites and they could be talking to strangers. You’ll just never know because there are ways like Discord where they can speak in a completely anonymous setting that you won’t be able to track. That’s why education is going to be your best option here. You need to make sure your kids are aware of the dangers so they can protect themselves.

Falling Behind With Milestones

A lot of parents worry about whether their child is hitting the right milestones at the right time. Part of this comes from research online and focusing on what the right target is. However, the reality is that there’s no set point and when children acquire certain skills or ready certain levels of development. We’re all different and unique. As well as this, if they are falling behind, then there are always ways you can nudge them along. For instance, a pediatric speech pathologist can provide support if your child is struggling to master speaking fluently. 

Weight and Diet

It would be lovely to think that kids can just eat what they want when they are younger and immediately bounce back. While this will be the case for some lucky kids with the right metabolism, others are going to struggle more. Indeed, an unhealthy diet in the early years can lead to major health issues later on in life. That’s why you should definitely think about taking more interest in your child’s diet. You need to work to encourage them to eat as healthy as possible. This could just mean ensuring that they are getting their five a day or at least as close to it as possible.

A Path to College

It’s fair to say that parents start thinking about college and the path that kids need to take to get to college incredibly early these days. That’s understandable because college placements can be very competitive. Particularly, if you are focused on ensuring that your child goes somewhere like an ivy league school. That said, focusing too much on college can put kids under a serious amount of pressure where they feel stressed and overwhelmed. It’s important, particularly in the early years, that kids still get to feel like kids. They need a healthy dose of free time where they are not panicking about their school career. 


It’s a slippery slope to simply throw bullying aside under the label of ‘boys will be boys’ or ‘they need a thicker skin.’ One could debate whether children are being brought up in a way that is making them more susceptible to emotional issues. However, it’s clear that bullying when left unchecked can be incredibly harmful. Unlike other possibilities on this list, this is something that you do need to be concerned about as a parent. You need to make sure that you are taking the right steps if you think that your child is being bullied. It’s important that they can come to you and talk about things. You might also want to approach the school directly. However, there’s no guarantee that this will resolve the issue. The important thing is that your child doesn’t feel alone in this struggle. The results of this could be catastrophic.

Video Games

Finally, are you worried about video games as a parent? Well, you’re not alone here? A lot of parents are concerned about the video games kids play and how often they play them. It’s understandable why you would feel concerned too. After all, it seems every other day there’s a story in the media about the dangers of video games and tech as a whole for kids. However, this media frenzy often forgets one important thing: video games can be beneficial. Studies have shown that videogames can be helpful. Studies have shown that they can ensure children develop skills with problem-solving as well as fine motor skills. Some video games do contain questionable content. However, if this is explained the right way to children and they are of an appropriate age, it’s no more harmful than a scary movie. That is to say, it’s not at all dangerous and science supports this. 

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