Today’s blog post I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant. Smile Brilliant sent me one of their kits as a PR sample. 

I was excited to be able to try the Smile Brilliant at home whitening kit. I like a product that I can do at home, but be able to get the same results I would get if I went to a professional.

Easy home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant. It's an at home teeth whitening, but able to get the same results as if you went to a professional.

The process is very simple. Once you receive your kit, you will make your impressions to send it in. Smile Brilliant also provides a prepaid envelope to make it super easy to get the impression back to them. Let’s jump right into what comes in the Smile Brilliant teeth whiting kit.

What comes in the kit?

Check out the unboxing video below to see what’s in the kit.

Making the Impressions

Making the impressions was very easy, but it did get a little messy. First I mix the Base and the Catalyst until it is completely blue. Once it is blue, I placed the paste in one of the impression trays. Then place the tray in my mouth to make an impression of my upper teeth, repeating the process for the bottom teeth.

There are instructions on how to make the impressions correctly and also a guide that shows what bad impressions look. Again, it was super easy to make the impressions.

Once I made my impression, I put them in the mail using the prepaid envelope in the box. Once tracking showed the impressions had been received it took about a week to receive my custom fitted trays.

Whitening Process

At home teeth whitening - Smile BrilliantTo whiten, I started by brushing teeth with water (no toothpaste, per the instruction card) and your clean/dry custom-fitted trays. I add the teeth whitening gel in from the syringe to the top and bottom of the tray. I made sure to apply a thin steady line of the gel along the front surface of the tray. On the part of the tray that comes in contact with my front teeth.

Before placing the tray inside in my mouth, I did my best to make sure that my teeth are dry. To insert the trays I used a forward pressing motion to avoid dragging the gel down. The gel will spread evenly over the front surfaces of the teeth. Once the trays were in, I worked on blog posts and social media. I whiten for 45 minutes. It did have a slight burning sensation while I was doing the whiting. 1 syringe with the whitening gel will provide 3-4 applications for the top and bottom trays.

Instruction card said whiten for 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on tooth sensitivity. I wanted to start with a shorter application for my first try and work my way up to a longer application time. Once I was done, I was ready to see the results. I know it was just the first whitening, but I was curious to see if there was any difference in just one application.

The Results…

So, I know you are wondering, how did it turn out? Did I see a difference?

Smile Brilliant

I did see a difference after using it for a few weeks. I am happy with the results. It’s a whitening process you can use weekly or monthly, to keep your smile looking great. For me, I’ll continue to use it every month to continue to get my teeth white, but to keep them white.

Smile Brilliant


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