The first part of our life our parents are the ones taking care of us. They devote their time and energy to keeping us safe, fed, clothed and providing us with the best education they possibly can. They put us first in everything, and as they get older the roles start to reverse, it is our parents who are in need of our care and attention. But this can at times be tricky since they might be too proud to ask or too stubborn to admit that they have gotten older. This is why we need to tread carefully and find innovative ways to keep our elderly parents happy and engaged without it affecting their self-esteem. This article contains some great ideas that you can use to help your parents feel more comfortable in their old age.

Encourage their interests

If your parents had some hobbies that you have noticed growing up this is the ideal time to encourage them to take them up again. Whether it’s reading, painting or playing an instrument. Filling their time with creative activities is a great way to keep their brain occupied and to encourage continual motor function. Cooking has a similar effect, so get them to prepare healthy meals from scratch or try out new recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Another possibility is suggesting a pet, usually, cats and dogs are the best options. They give a sense of purpose every day. They have the opportunity to take care of a living thing and in return, they get continual companionship which is important as we get older.

Provide them with additional care

This might be a bit more difficult. Getting your parents to accept additional care is not an easy task. Whether it comes from you or a professional caregiver getting your parent to agree is going to take time. No one wants to admit they need help, and they especially don’t want to feel like a burden on their loved ones. This is why finding quality home care that will enable them to live happier and healthier lives in the comfort of their own home without feeling helpless is essential for their health and happiness.

Encourage them to travel

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If they are healthy enough, encouraging your parents to travel is a great idea. You can book them a cruise, one that will include 24/7 care and where you won’t have to worry about them getting treatment or taking their pills on time. At the same time, they will get to enjoy a change of pace, socialize with their peers and explore new places. It will have a great effect on both their body and mind. Staying inquisitive and willing to go on an adventure is one of the best ways to stay young at heart, and that might be exactly what your parents need.

Find local senior clubs for them to join

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Encouraging your elderly parents to socialize on a daily basis can make a huge positive difference in their daily lives. For example, they can participate in senior yoga classes or similar activities such as bingo night or knitting classes. Golfing is a good option; while it’s a sport that’s fun for everyone, it’s not overly strenuous so is something that most people can do well into their senior years. In fact, if you look into what age is senior tees in golf, the benchmark age is around seventy.  A few hours every day spent surrounded with people of similar age facing similar issues could help them vent, and at the same time create new bonds and friendships, and that is something that is exceptionally important in old age. So if your parents are not willing to do the research, do it for them and provide them with options they simply can’t refuse.

These are just some of the great ways you can help your elderly parents be happy and stay engaged well into their golden years. After all, you know them best, and you can make an educated guess as to what might work for them.

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