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Security of a premise, be it a private residential plot or a commercial complex, is an essential need today. There are many technically advanced devices, like the surveillance cameras and the recorders but the ones that I am talking about are equally important as the main entry points, that is, the electric gates, which confirm the highest security to your domestic or commercial premise. Though not very frequently used, this automated security option for gated communities and private properties is growing in popularity over the years. With a wide choice in models, sizes, and designs, one can choose the electric gate that suits their needs as well as budget.

Electric gates for added home security

Invest in reliable security with electric gates

The heart of the automated gate is the electric gate motor. This electrically driven device drives the opening and closure of gate arms. Initially, there was not much advancement and technological innovation, regarding the electric gates, and manually operated ones were used to a large extent. This soon gave rise to the more compact electromechanical models that are cost-effective solutions for lower usage of domestic installations. Hence, there is a distinct choice between hydraulic and electromechanical models depending on budget and anticipated load.

Good electric gates run smoothly due to state-of-the-art technology that drives proper movement, and hence, these units do not come cheap. There are customized options when it comes to choosing electrical gates, as you find that there are many colors, shapes, designs, and textures available, which ensure your maximum safety.

Different types of electric gates are:

  • Swing: This model is most famous for residential properties.
  • Articulated: This gate opener is simple to install and suitable for small spaces with wide pillars. The crank arm operation and integration with low aluminum gates are popular in the European region.
  • Under-gate Jacks: The gate pivot in this model is buried underground for sufficient leverage and 180 degrees movement of each gate panel. More popularly used in the domestic market, care has to be taken to install only in areas where the ground is clear from water table depth, plumbing units, and drainage pipelines.
  • Rams: These grounded pivots are more suitable for commercial systems and multi-user applications due to its link arm mechanical design and user-friendly operation.
  • Sliding: The most popular model in the commercial sector and closed space driveways, the sliding electric gates are easy to operate and space savers.

Assortment of Prime Models and Designs 

With the growing popularity of these convenient gate openers and essential security safeguards, Electric gate manufacturers offer a wide range of aesthetic and feature-based models in both residential and commercial sectors. One can choose from steel, wood, wooden infill and sliding models for private properties and even get an automation system custom made for their precious personal space. Do It Yourself enthusiasts can also indulge in readymade kits that are practically designed for easy installation and maintenance. Commercial electric gates are more complex and are available as barriers, cantilever structures, with roller shutters and sliding mechanism. Large enterprises that expect extensive usage can even look at installers who offer gate maintenance services for smooth operations.

Multi-occupant complexes and secure office facilities can now be safe and conveniently accessible to all permitted entrants with reliable gates that are never off duty. Add security to your property with stylish gates that provide the first line of protection to your homes, family, possessions and even pets. With remote controlled access, bad guys will think twice before venturing into your space. Feel safe and secure with Electric gates that open just for you.

There are different varieties of electric gates available in the online and offline stores. You can customize your choice and also consult some home-improvement professionals concerning offers about electrical gates, their installation, and maintenance.

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Electric Gates are the epitome of security

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