A very important aspect in every household is the element of safety. All the different electrical appliances in our household such as oven, televisions, refrigerators, and other such appliances must be ensured to be in compliances with the safety norms. We often hear in news about people getting electrocuted or houses burnt due to improper electrical safety maintained.  Hence proper safety inspections and regular maintenance are done by a professional electrician is necessary. Calling an expert will help you avoid future accidents and do all the maintained done effectively in time.  The biggest advantage is that a skilled and professional electrician will educate the client about varied tips which every homeowner must know. 

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Infographic with electrical safety tips

Hire a Competent Electrician for Some Crucial Safety Tips:

1) Importance Of Deactivating All Gadgets When Changing Fuse: In case you are changing the fuse, you need to ensure that all appliances and electrical gadgets in the house are turned off. A skilled electrician will always check the entire house and ensure nothing is activated before beginning a fuse changing work.

2) Never Tamper The Fuse When It Is Dark: A very common sight we see is our electrician using emergency light sources when working on any electrical works like fuse changing. You must follow the same since in the dark you can cause more damage than you can probably imagine.

3) Maintain The Rating When Replacing A Fuse: When changing or replacing your fuse makes sure the same rating is maintained. If you are not doing the same the appliances are at high risk. An incompatible fuse might just blow up if it’s not able to handle the current causing severe damage to the appliances.

4) When Not In Use Always Unplug Electrical Gadgets: An electrician always recommends to their clients that if not used it is always best to unplug electrical appliances. Even children are taught to never touch electrical boards or appliances with wet hands.

5) Damaged Plugs And Cords To Be Replaced Immediately: A damaged old cord or a plug can be the very reason for electrocution. Hence be safe and replace them with a proactive approach.

6) Excessive Heat And Moisture To Be Avoided: Keep every electrical appliance far from excessive heat and moist. With excessive heat at times, cords can melt, and the consequences can be dangerous.

7) Fire Extinguisher To Be Placed At A Convenient Location: When there is a fire or electrical fault, we often call up our electrician. But keeping your fire extinguisher at a convenient and handy position will help you extinguish fire fast and help save your home and family members. Consult an electrician and get yourself a good fire extinguisher and learn to use them. These products do come with an expiry date and hence must be inspected every now and then.  Electricians teach their clients about the right way to use fire extinguishers effectively.

8) Outlet Temperature Significance: Outlets in a household are regions which give us a hint about whether there is an internal electrical overload or a wiring issue. Just place your hands and feel whether you can feel heat or cold in the air of the outlet regions. Call the electrician for any such experiences where you might sense something is wrong without any hesitation.

It is always advised to never do electrical works on your own if you are not a skilled person. Always seek assistance from the licensed electrician who is a skilled and experienced professional when it comes to electrical works and advice. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our family safe at all times. Taking these small steps will ensure the complete safety of our loved ones.

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