This past weekend, as we were out shopping picking up a few thing I happen to see Elf on the Shelf when we were in the book section of the store.  I have seen the photos on Facebook and Pinterest of Elf on the Shelf.  Standing there at the only girl elf on the shelf, I said this year since we will be moving to another country, this would be a neat way to keep holiday fun for toddler girl. So elf on the shelf, made its way into our shopping cart.


Meet Sparkle! So far she has not cause too much trouble, but I will share Sparkles adventures here in Japan and on her travels this holiday season. After reading the book with toddler girl and finding out she could not play with her or even touch her, I change the rules just a little.  That on the airplane, she could hold Sparkles hand and Sparkle would share a little of her magic with her.  We have some international travel ahead of us and if Sparkle helps to make the flight and travel go smoothly, then let’s touch Sparkle.  I’ll be posting Sparkles adventures on the Life of Creed Facebook page and Instagram. Make sure to check it out and follow us.

Elf on the shelf

Sparkle, staying warm with her Frozen blanket.

Elf on the shelf

Sparkle putting a puzzle together while we sleep.

Do you participate in the Elf on the Shelf fun during the holiday season? Why or why not?