After yesterday’s Super Typhoon Wipha that hit Japan, it was a beautiful day today to explore Enoshima Island with toddler girl.  We have not been there in a long time and thought it would be good to try and find other places on the island we have yet to explore.

Enoshima Island, is a small island in the Sagami Bay.  You cross a 600-meter long bridge to reach the island.  Once across there is shops and restaurants.  You walk up the alley of where these shops, restaurant, and Enoshima Island Spa are located and it will lead you to Enoshima-jinja Shrine.
Once you have walk through the Shrine area, you can continue up the stairs to Tropical Botanical Garden, the Observation Lighthouse, the yacht harbor, and also the cave Enoshima Iwaya.  The cave was created by sea erosion about 6,000 years ago.  For this trip we walked about Enoshima-jinja Shrine, than up the stair, and up more stairs heading towards the cave.  But after a couple of hours of walking, taking pictures, and explorig toddler girl was tried and hungry, so we headed back down the the stairs to the car. I do plan to go back and check out the cave and get pictures.
Enoshima Island can be access by car or train.