**I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

It’s Fashion Friday and I wanted to share a product with you that we all have at least one of. Belts. Belts are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe.  I have a ton of belts, all colors and styles.  Even B has a ton of belts. I had a chance to review and compare the Trakline belt from Kore Essentials, so here’s what I think of this no holes belt.

What did I received…

I received two men’s Trakline belt, one belt buckle, and a belt hanger.

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

Black & Gray Trakline belt

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

Trakline belt buckle

What did I think…

Pretty nice belt!  Do you need to replace every belt in your closet? Maybe not.  But it is a nice belt and you can interchange the buckle to go with any belt. It is a belt without belt holes. That does mean you can have a variety of colors and just need on buckle. That is pretty awesome. I like that the belt fits sizes 24 inches to 44-inches.  You receive the belt in the 44 inch size and you are able to cut the belt down to the size you need.  Don’t worry, the inside the belt shows you the size lengths and has a line where to cut to avoid cutting it too small. Try on the belt to measure a comfortable size for your waist and just grab a pair of scissors and cut off the excess.

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

The backside of the belt. You can see the belt sizes and line where you can cut the belt to your size.

Is the belt any different from other belts without holes I have reviewed? No. They are very similar. B has been wearing a no hole belt, by another company for a while. So when he tried this one, it was just like the other belt he said.  Nothing different that made it stand out from the belt he has been wearing weekly. The Trekline belt is a nice belt and made very well. The belt is made in China and made of full grain leather.

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

Underside of belt. Belt is made of full grain leather.

The no hole belt, means the belt buckle is a bit different from your normal buckle.  This one has a release lever, use to loosen the belt off the tracks.  In the pictures below you will see the underside of the belt buckle and the Trakline belt.

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

Underside of the belt buckle. Here you can see the release lever in the upper left of the buckle.

Trakline belt review via lifeofcreed.com @lifeofcreed

Underside of the belt.  This is where the buckle clicks to hold the belt in place.

About the Brand

Kore Essentials mission is to set out to redefine those essential accessories you use each day.  Their approach is pure, by blending innovation with superior materials to create unique, more exciting products.

Kore Essentials guarantees their Trakline belt. If you are not in love with the belt, just send it back within 30 days for a full refund.  All of their products come with a one-year warranty against defects or breakages. You can check their website here.