Without a doubt, the shopping habits of women have changed over time. We can hardly say that nowadays it is all about walking into your favorite store and purchasing a few pieces that you love. Millennial women dedicate more time not only to the sole act of shopping, but they also invest time into planning where and when will they buy certain pieces. Do millennial girls prefer eco-friendly brands, do they opt for online shopping more than real-world stores, and what are their shopping habits in general – we bring you the answers to all of these questions. 

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Millennials care about the environment

Millennial women believe that fashion brands should be environmentally conscious. Sustainable materials, ethical supply chains, as well as good working conditions for the manufactures who produce the clothing, are factors that a millennial will take into account when she decides to purchase an item from a clothing brand. This way of well-thought-out and planned shopping is making an impact on the fashion industry, as we have a rising number of sustainable brands, which in no way lack in either amazing designs or high quality.

Millennial ladies wait for discount and sales

A generation Y woman will patiently wait for a good sale in order to buy a piece that she has her eye on. Seasonal discounts are something that the majority of women are attracted to, as already now you can find highly discounted summer pieces, such as gorgeous plus size swimwear, having in mind that a lovely swimsuit is a necessity for any woman. The fact that a millennial will plan out her shopping and wait for a few chic pieces to be on this year’s sale and only then will she go to purchase them, serves to show how much this generation of women cares about investing wisely into clothing pieces.

This way, one can have a brand new wardrobe for the next season and all bought for at least half of the usual price. In fact, some researches show that the majority of women get upset when they find out that a fashion piece they wanted was on a sale that they have missed.

The majority of millennial women shop online

A typical millennial girl will daily spend a few minutes or even a whole hour browsing through online fashion shops, most likely on her phone. This does not come as a surprise, having in mind that most of us have a few of our favorite online boutiques bookmarked in our online search engine. However, the time spent in online fashion stores does not only serve for shopping; this is a convenient way to compare the items, styles, and colors that different websites offer as well as the prices. After research, one can have some time to decide which items are the ones that she really needs and wants, and where and when to buy them, getting the best design, quality, and price. All of this suggests that although they still visit real-world stores, most millennials opt to do the majority of their shopping online

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Sophia Smith

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