Winter has a lot of cold and miserable weather, which normally means that there are a lot of days stuck indoors which can lead to boredom and a lot of screen time for the kids. If you prepare a few activities for rainy days it will help keep the boredom at bay, break up the screen time for the kids, and can be quite productive for you as well. Here are some festive activities you could do in the run up to Christmas when you are stuck in the house. 

Festive Baking

Baking is a great activity to do when you are stuck in the house, you can make something nice to enjoy, it fills the house with delicious baking smells and it’s a fun activity to get the kids involved with as well. If you have a good friendship group that may have kids as well, we could all decide to make a different type of cookie and then come together for a cookie swap or a little cookie party, so you all get to try a few of each rather than just having a lot of one type of cookie or biscuit.

Movie night

Something a lot of people love to do is get all snuggled up on the sofa and watch a festive Christmas film choosing from things like Elf, The Grinch, the true meaning of Christmas, and some new ones like after Christmas. Most of the time, it’s fun for all the family and can get you in the Christmas mood, and there’s something cozy to do while it’s all rainy or snowy outside.

Put a care package together

This can be something for a loved one like if you have an elderly relative in a care home, you could put them together, some of their favorite treats, a hot water bottle, and some fluffy socks. You could also put in some new photos of The kids for them to have and some luxuries to have over the festive holidays. You could also put a care package together for someone In need. This could be homeless people, people who don’t have a lot, or even soldiers overseas. Putting an array of different things, something without need and some things as a treat for Christmas could really make someone’s day, especially if it’s not something that they are able to have themselves.

Make crafty Christmas cards

Something that a lot of kids love doing is getting crafty, getting the glitter out, stickers, and the paint to let their creative juices start flowing and make something that they can love and give to people they care about. If you get a variety of Christmas-related craft items and pictures, you could let the children make their own Christmas cards to give out to family members and their teachers, and even their friends. There are so many lovely different designs that you can find online, so you can make it a family card, things like fingerprint paintings which give a sentimental feel as well.

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