Yes, we’re using “journal” as a verb. 

Have you ever considered keeping a diary? Journaling is so much more than just a pastime for some people. It’s a therapy tool, a way to organize their thoughts to avoid rational decision-making. It’s a way to write down the extra thoughts in their brains that make them feel as if they are thinking too much. Perhaps you’ll use a journal as a way to write down poetry with the help of the Rhyme Finder website to help you to make it sound like music. Regardless of what you use your personal journal for, a journal is a must if you are someone who overthinks in life. 

If you’ve ever wondered how journaling your thoughts could help you, check out the five amazing reasons you should go out today and buy your own journal to get started. Ready? Let’s take a look!

1.It’s your new best friend. Believe it or not, writing everything you’re thinking and feeling down can change everything for you. It’ll be your new best friend, your confidant, your sounding board. You’ll write down your thoughts and you can come back to them later to re-read them and see them from a different perspective. You can spill your guts in your journal and it will never tell you that you’re wrong. Your journal won’t judge you or tell anyone your secrets, too.

2. Tracking personal patterns is easier. Are you worried you’re flaky? Well, why not check with yourself in your journals from years gone by to see whether you are fulfilling your goals or you’re just busy talking about them. Be mindful about your behavior and use your journal to avoid stepping into the same traps from years gone by. Your journal is a record of your achievements, but it’s also a record of where you have failed before.

3. It’s free. Other than the cost of the journal, it’s free to write down all of your thoughts and worries. You can manage yourself better and it carries few side effects, too. You can call it therapy without actually seeing a therapist or paying for one, and that can be one of the best things about it!

4. You get to be creative. This notebook, this diary you’ve bought? This is your portal to your own creativity. You can write poetry that reflects your mood. You can write epic entries about your life and experiences. You can write a one-line entry that reflects the day you’ve had. No matter what, you can make it as big or small as you want to. It’s your thoughts on paper!

5. You become immortal. Okay, you’re not going to get superhero powers as the result of having a journal, but you are going to be able to write yourself into history with it. You can voice your dreams, your achievements, the things you want to win at, and more. You can talk about your love and your life and your sorrow – and one day when you’re gone, you live on in your journals.

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