Today’s I’m listening to sounds on Kfir and his album Free Delivery for the Artist Spotlight. This 7 song album is outstanding.

The album Free Delivery makes you want to dance around the room. It's happy, dancing music. Kfir is a music performance artist currently based in New York, New York.

The album makes you want to dance around the room. It’s happy, dancing music. As I worked at my desk, I couldn’t help but tap my feet. Free Delivery is like a breath of fresh air. Free Delivery kicks off with “Endless Game”. It brings energy and doesn’t make you want to forward to the next song. “Everything But Perfection” keeps the dance vibes flowing with its electro-pop beat.

“Outta Love” is one of those songs I can image contemporary dancers, doing amazing choreography to it. The beat, the lyrics, it all tells a story. “Jenny Lou” showcases more of Kfir’s vocal range. Continuing to showcase his vocals is “Big in America”.  The lyrics are inspirational – “Never wrestle with regret. You can be big in America.”

My favorite song from Free Delivery is “Outta Love”. Make sure you check out the visual exploration below. I’m also sure you will find a song you will want to add to your playlist.

Watch the visual exploration for Free Delivery

About Kfir

Kfir is a music performance artist currently based in New York, New York. His musically diverse upbringing instilled a love of music and performance that grew with him. Kfir has spent his life pursuing his passions, which took him from his classical ballet training to Broadway, to now releasing his first EP.

Kfir developed himself as an artist writing poetry, eventually expanding upon that and adding music to his words. After his dance mix single “Heart After Dark” went to number six on the UK pop charts, he was able to raise the money he needed to fund his newest endeavor, Free Delivery.

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