Staying active doesn’t have to mean hours of boring time at the gym. There are lots of fun ways to get active, that can be done alone or as a family, that is so much fun that you’ll never notice that you’re exercising. 

Rollerblading or Rollerskating

Zooming along the sidewalk in your skates, with the wind in your hair, is so much fun that you’ll never know you’re actually exercising. You can buy skates at a local thrift shop or sporting goods store, without spending a fortune. You’ll also need a helmet and some elbow and knee pads so you can skate safely. 


Hiking can be as tough or as easy as you want, from a relaxed walk on a flat trail to a steep climb on a mountain. Get the proper gear from Over Under Clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. The important part is being outside, enjoying nature, and moving your body. 

Go To The Batting Cages

Swinging a baseball bat isn’t as easy as it looks, so spending thirty minutes or an hour at the batting cages is a great workout and a lot of fun. 

Cross-Country Skiing

It can be hard to have the motivation to work out during the winter. Instead of being put off by the cold and the snow, incorporate the weather into some fun exercises like cross-country skiing. If you aren’t sure about the cost, rent some skis or look for some in your used sporting goods store before you cough up for your own skis. A lot of parks will let residents cross-country ski after snowstorms, or you can look for designed areas in your local area. This low-impact sport can help to boost your endurance and strength, without putting pressure on your joints.


Even on a calm lake, paddling a kayak is a great workout. You will be engaging your core muscles, your arms, and even your legs as you propel yourself through the water and keep the boat stable. You can also enjoy nature, which also benefits your physical and mental health too. 


When the snow is too deep for your hiking boots, put on some snowshoes and hit the hiking trail anyway. This activity is relaxing, just like walking through the woods. You stay on top of the snow instead of sinking into it. Go steadily and you’ll have a peaceful, but still active, time. 

Standup Paddleboard Yoga

Standup paddleboarding is a really fun way to get your workout on. Add in some yoga poses at the same time, and it becomes a real physical, but still fun, challenge. You can research a few poses online before you go, or you can sign up for a local class. You will be able to really engage your core and your stabilizing muscles as you try to stay upright as you move through your poses. 

Rock Climbing

Even if you live somewhere with a very flat landscape, you can still get a great workout by visiting a local climbing gym. Choose between top-rope climbing, which lets you climb higher on the wall, as you are secured with ropes and a harness, and bouldering, which is done closer to the floor and doesn’t use any ropes. If you feel like a challenge, book some rock climbing lessons. 

Take A Dance Class

Even if you aren’t very coordinated, signing up for a dance class or dance lessons will get your body moving without you thinking about exercise at all. Whether you like street dance, ballroom, swing, or any other style, you will be able to find plenty of studios, ballrooms, and clubs that offer lessons near you. If the idea of dancing in front of others makes you feel awkward, you can just have your own disco in your kitchen.

Jump Rope

Bring back a feeling of childhood fun with a classic game from the playground. You can get your heart pumping by jumping rope. Go out into the backyard or use a room in your house that has a high ceiling and plenty of space. Turn on some music and start skipping. It’s harder work than you’ll remember, but lots of fun. 

Team Sports

Look at the website of your city or country recreation department to find any team sports leagues in your local area. Whether you have always wanted to play hockey or you want to relive your glory days on the high school soccer team, there are lots of options when it comes to league sports for fun. With games often held on weeknights, you can exercise and meet new friends, and still keep your weekends free for the family.

Ride A Bike

You don’t need to be an expert cyclist to have fun and get a good workout while on two wheels. You don’t need to buy lots of special cycling gear or shoes either. Make sure you buy a quality helmet, but otherwise, you can wear your normal clothes when you go on a bike ride. Pedal at a leisurely pace for as long as you feel like riding, or challenge yourself with things like uphill climbs or mini sprints. If you don’t want to cycle outside, you could try an indoor cycling class or a stationary bike at home.


Trampoline fitness also called rebounding, is a fun way to get a workout. You jump on a mini-trampoline while following the movements shown by an instructor. It might be fun and silly, but these classes are hard work. You can find classes like this at gyms and workout studios. In fact, trampolining also has lots of positive effects on your overall health. 

If you have some extra space at home, you could buy your own personal rebounder, learn a few simple moves, and you can have a fun workout at home with no need for a gym. There are lots of virtual trampoline fitness cl

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