Upon arrival to Phuket, we made reservations with the hotel, for a car to pick us up from the airport.  Getting to the hotel from airport was very easy.  Here are a few pointers for getting around Phuket.

You can have your hotel pick you up from the airport.  When researching online, I notice may hotels offer car pick-up service for a fee or a shuttle van. You can also get a taxi right after you exit baggage claim.  The taxi drivers will ask to drive you.  It can be a bit overwhelming after a long flight, if you are not prepared for the rush of drivers or people asking to drive you to your hotel or sell you something. If you chose the option for a taxi there at the hotel, find a driver with a fixed taxi rate.

Getting around phuket, thailand, tuk tuk

On day two for our adventures around Phuket, we went to the taxi service counter at the hotel.  They will call over to taxi driver in the lot across from the hotel.  We were very lucky to get a great driver, name Jojo for our first adventure. He dropped us off at our first spot (Old Town Phuket) and we set a time that we would be ready and he came back to pick us up and drove us to the next place on exploring that day.  Again, we set a time and he came back to pick us up, this time bringing us back to the hotel for the evening.  This was great, that he waited for us.  We did not have to try to find a taxi to bring us to each place. It was so easy a convenient having just Jojo drive us around. He did not speak a lot of English, but he tried to make sure when we pass points of interest to tell us about them. That was very kind of him. We even used him the next day for our adventures.

We also took a cool like taxi a few blocks down from the hotel to have lunch.  We went out to the taxi stand across the street from the hotel.  I wanted to ride in this cute little tuk tuk. The price was reasonable for to go into town where there was shopping and eating.  Even getting a taxi from where we were dropped off at was pretty easy.  If you vacation or on business in Phuket, you should have no problems with getting around.