It’s never too early to start shopping for holidays. I started a month ago! Only because I usually wait until December and can’t figure out what to get anyone. But this year, I’m ahead of the shopping season. This gift guide is all about the kids. But don’t fret I’ll this won’t be the only gift guide.

Below I’m sharing some of the popular toys this holiday season. Some would even make great stocking stuffers. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something I’ll make a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Life of Creed. 

LOL Surprise has a few new items that are currently available and will be hot sellers this season. I’ve also noticed “Surprise” is the magic word in many toys as well.

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1. LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise 

Last year LOL Surprise had a Big Surprise, so it’s no surprise this holiday season they have another huge surprise. Of course, this is one of the top items on Charmingly CJ’s list. This surprise includes 2 limited edition dolls each with 7 surprises, 1 limited edition pet with 7surprisess, 1 limited edition Lil Sister with 5 surprises and tons more.

This is one item that will be under the Christmas tree at Life of Creed.

2. Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot

This little robot is super cute!! Boxer comes with 10 activity cards to play games. As you play the games you will be able to unlock more games with the Boxer app for your phone.

It comes with a remote control to race Boxer or to make it do tricks or you can use your hands to interact with this cute little robot.

3. Nerf Rival Prometheus
This Nerf can hold 200 rounds!! It comes with rechargeable battery, charger, 200 rounds, 2 flags, should strap, and instructions.

Charmingly CJ has been wanting to have a Nerf war, but the question is… who gets this super amazing Nerf gun.

4. LOL Surprise Under Wraps

Eye Spy Under Wraps includes 15 surprises! You’ll get a spyglass, secret message sticker, bottle, mystery disguise, shoes, fashion accessory, outfit, LOL Surprise Eye Spy Underwrap doll. The little capsules can be used as a doll stand or carrying case.

5. Pikmi Pops Flips

This cute reversible plush comes with surprise items. The Kessie the Cat plush has a furry tail and pointy cat ears. You may find 1 or 2 exclusive reversible scented medium Pikmi Flips hidden inside.  Which plush will you find in your Pikmi Pops Flips?


6. LOL Surprise Interactive LIVE Surprise

This interactive pet has 60+ unique sounds. It responds to touch and sound.



7. Poopsie Surprise Unicorn
We’ve brought the regular version Poopsie Surprise a few times. This one comes with a unicorn Poopsie and unicorn Poopsie slime.

When Charmingly CJ saw this in Target, she was super excited to see this toy in Target. This is one that may end up under the tree.

8. Party Pop Teenies

Pull, twist and pop your Surprise Poppers to release a burst of collectible confetti and your Party Popteenie!



9. Moj Moj Claw Machine

After living in Japan for many years, we have become a big fan of claw machines. This cute little claw machine has a three-directional joystick, light, music, and arcade sound.


10. Fingerlings Hugs
Their long arms were made for hugging. It’s never a dull moment with this supersize fingerling – burps to toots to laughs. It’s interactive too! If you press the Hugs’ left ear while talking it will repeat what you said.


11. Hatchimals HachiBabies
 These are too adorable! If you remember the Hatchimal craze, now meet the hachiBabies. The HachiBabies will hatch out their eggs, but will it be a boy or a girl? You can feed, burp, snuggle these cute little plushes. You will be able to teach your HatchiBaby to talk and play games.


12. LOL Surprise Biggie Pet 

Biggie Pets come with 15+ surprises. You’ll find a pet baby, pet baby charm or food baby charm inside.



13. Gift Cards
You can’t go wrong with a gift card. You can get the recipient a gift card for their favorite store, restaurant, gaming system, etc. They also make great stocking stuffers.

When working on this post, I went to Target and the majority of these toys were on the shelf. Many of these toys are also available on Amazon.

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Below I’m sharing some of the popular toys this holiday season. Some would even make great stocking stuffers.

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