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With everyone saying how their wedding day was the best day of their life, it’s normal to feel some pressure when it comes to organizing your reception. Not only do you want to remember it fondly and forever but you probably also want other people to take great memories home with them. Seeing as how there are so many aspects of planning a wedding that you have to think about, this whole process can be quite overwhelming, especially when you want to leave a mark on everyone that shows up. To make this ordeal easier on you, we’ve gathered some essential tips when it comes to planning a unique wedding that everyone is bound to enjoy. Take note.

Find the right location

If you don’t want your reception to be in a regular wedding hall, you should start looking for an alternative. Luckily, there are many options, you just need to book them on time. Depending on the budget at your disposal, you can opt for a destination wedding. This is an amazing option when planning a micro wedding – just you two and your closest friends and family traveling to a gorgeous location and saying your vows. Consider Hawaii, New Zealand or Italy; they all offer different experiences so choose something you know you’ll love. On the other hand, on a smaller budget, you can look for a local venue that allows wedding – how about getting married in an aquarium? You are sure to remember it forever! Last but not least, you can choose to get married in your own backyard. Dress it up with interesting wedding décor and you’ll have a great time.

Be creative with the decorations

In order to get the decorations just right, you should decide on the theme or vibe of the event. Some couples want a romantic atmosphere and they incorporate delicate lighting, soft colors and a lot of flowers. However, if you lean more toward the alternative side, you can choose a moody color palette and candlelight. Of course, there are also those that choose to celebrate their culture through the décor. From rustic and vintage through nautical and celestial all the way to whimsical, there are so many options and inspiration waiting for you online.

Send out original RSVP cards

It’s very easy to find some stock invitations online and send them out. However, for your wedding to be unique, you should also have one-of-a-kind RSVP cards. If any of your friends are artists, you can work together to create a design that surely no one else had before you. Print as many copies as you need and send them out. Plus, if you are not inviting a big number of people, you can even write the info yourself instead of printing it. This will show them how much you care and will definitely stand out. Don’t forget to ask for dietary restrictions and think about asking them to suggest a song that will be added to the wedding playlist.

Create interesting photo opportunities

You’ll surely want to remember all the parts of this day for the rest of your life, so why not document it in many different ways? For starters, enlist a wedding photographer who will mingle with the guests and capture all the candid moments of the ceremony and the party afterwards. Then, consider hiring a photo booth where the guests of all ages can go and have fun making various funny faces and wearing silly costumes. Companies like Photoboothme offer customized booths, photo strips and even provide props. Finally, you can put up a personalized picture backdrop where the official photos can be taken. If you get a chalkboard backdrop, you can write your names and the date so that everyone knows what the occasion for the pic was. Alternatively, you can get various interesting prints that will match the theme of the event.

Invite your guests to sign the guest book

Setting up a little corner where attendees can go and write something special in the guest book is a very cute idea. There are many ways to create a guest book. For example, compiling photos of the journey you two had before you tied the knot is a great way to go down memory lane. Another approach is to ask them to take a Polaroid pic and write a note. Later on, you can put all of them into one big guest book. Of course, you can also have them take short videos where they wish you all the best or tell a funny story from your past. You can also have a wedding videographer who will go around asking people for clips and soundbites which will be incorporated into your wedding video.

Think of yummy food and drink combos

If you don’t want a traditional dinner for your wedding reception, you’ll be happy to hear that alternative food options are quite in right now, so you can basically choose whatever you think your guest will love. Keeping in mind their dietary restrictions, you can serve all sorts of pizza, burgers, seafood, or whatever your culture is known for. Talk to your caterer to see which options they offer and how you can make them extra unique. Then, you cannot forget about drinks. Of course, you should offer the staples like wine, whiskey, beer, and vodka, but you can also take it to a whole new level by having customized wedding-inspired cocktails. They can be named after the bride and groom or some big event from your life. Lastly, you can even allow the guests to make their own cocktails. Make sure you include some non-alcoholic options as well.

Don’t forget about dessert

The centerpiece of every wedding is usually the cake. Fortunately, there are so many different types of cakes you can choose from, varying in flavor and decoration. If you follow the trends, you will see that geode and galaxy cakes are all the rage right now; but, you can also go for something more subdued that will enchant everyone with its taste. On the other hand, you can also decide to go cake-less. What can make your wedding more unique than that? For example, you can opt for wedding cupcakes. They are just as delicious and easier to serve. Moreover, you can also add an ice cream station, a donut table and make various biscuits in many different shapes.

Come up with a wedding hashtag

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everything that is happening and notice every cute moment of the event. This is why you should encourage your guests to use a specific hashtag when they post about your wedding. If everyone uses it, it will be much easier for you to see everything that happened and save these photos and videos to your wedding album. Think of something catchy, something that has a pun of sorts, use your last name or try combining your names into a portmanteau.

Remember to leave in style

Finally, you should try to come up with a grand way to exit the event. Sure, you can get a limo that says ‘just married’, but why not go for something majestic? If you love motorcycles, you can leave one. You can hire a hot-air balloon to whisk you away or a horse carriage to feel like a princess at the end of a fairytale.

Surely, everyone wants a unique wedding day that will be remembered for ages. Luckily, for most of these tips and tricks, you don’t need huge amounts of money, just some imagination. Good luck and have fun!

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