Help rescue Princess Hannah! Cross the Infinity drawbridge, climb the musical staircase, and enter the reflective maze inside the Castle of Savannah. The Adventures in Gatlinburg takes us to Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors in Pigeon Forge. 

We did an add-on ticket when we were at the Hollywood Wax Museum. This was fun! I have never been in a maze before and this mirror maze was all laughs while trying to find the way out. 

When we started I started my timer and I was curious to know how long it would take. It took about 7 minutes to get through/out the maze. The other two people who were also in the maze as finished about the same time. Once you get to the end of the maze, you find a Princess Hannah statue. As you can see from the smile, Charmingly CJ was happy to find the princess. 


Have you been to a mirror maze? Did it take a long time to find your way out?


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Charmingly CJ at the mirror maze.

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