Happy 2019! I’m sure you’ve seen tons of posts on social media “New Year, New Me”. Well, that’s not the case over at Life of Creed. For 2019, it’s all about checking the goals off the list and creating new ones. Last year I saw growth on the blog, it has always been a business to me, but I took the next step in making it a business by getting an LLC. For me, that made it feel more real. 

This new year, I’m ready to hit the ground running and see more growth with my blog. You may have seen a few posts on my social media last year about re-launching my online store. Today the cart will be open for you to shop. I’m starting off with just one design – the Life of Creed Elephant Logo. But I’ll introduce new designs as I continue to build the store. 

In celebration of the new year and relaunch of the store, you can get 19% off your order when you spend $45 or more. 

Life of Creed merchandise

There will also be more YouTube videos being incorporated into the blog post, not just photos. I started at the end of last year adding videos to the blog posts. I plan to do a lot more of that in 2019. If you have something you would like to see on the blog, don’t be shy, ask away.

2018 myself, contributors, and guest bloggers kept the blog posts flowing here are the top 10 posts.  Let me know in the comments which post was your favorite from 2018. Did it make the list?

Without farther ado, the Top 10 blog post of 2018. 

Thanks for a great year!

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Happy New Year!   Here's the Top 10 Blog Posts from 2018. Let me know which blog post was your favorite in 2018 and if it made the list.

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