Saturday it rain all day, but instead of spending the day
inside, we went to check out a couple Harley Davidson shops.  We visited three shops in total, two HD and
one shop that had a variety of scooters and motorcycles.  Here is a little about one of the shops, Harley Davidson Sagamihara.

HD Sagamihara is a very nice two-story shop, with a parking lot.  We have been to this many times before, but
decided to check out the inventory of bikes on the floor.   Thinking it may be time to buy a bike, after
over three years without a bike. As we sold our bike before toddler girl was
born.   The sales staff was helpful and
there was an English speaking staff member who was able to answer question my
husband had.  Toddler girl and myself
when to check out the clothing section and do some shopping.  I brought a couple of items costing 10,000

Harley Davidson Sagamihara

4-1-22 Higashifuchinobe, chuuou-ku

Sagamihara-city Kanagawa 252-0203 Japan

Telephone: 81-42-2121

Hours: Open -10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM Close  – Wednesday