**This post does contain affiliate links. 

A few month ago I wrote a post 10 Sites Bloggers Can Use to Monetize their Blog. I thought it was time to give an update on those 10 affiliate sites and also add a few other sites to the list.

Monetize your blog

Many bloggers look for a few ways to earn some income for their blog. This income may be for dinner and movie once a month or they could be looking to make money to contribute to the family household income. I started looking to monetize my blog, to help with the cost of running my blog. Some of these sites may be familiar to you. These are not ways to get rich, but tips to help with your search of finding an affiliate or network that best fits your needs and you can earn a little extra cash.

Google AdSense

I started using Google AdSense when I first started blogging in 2013.  I did take a few months off from using Google AdSense, but in the past couple months I started using it again in my sidebar. I have not made enough to “cash out” and that was part of the reason for not using it for a while. But I am giving them a try again and I do see a little different from the last time. But is still a good place to start, for someone just starting out.  Sign-up if easy and payment is received using direct deposit.


This is one of my favorites. With Svere you apply to campaigns. The campaigns options are sponsored post, YouTube promotion, Pinterest sweepstake, or targeted Twitter post. I have done a number of sponsored post and Twitter post. There are times I have applied to a campaign, but did not get pick. But there is always another campaign to apply for. I do a least one campaign a month with them. Sign-up is easy. Payment is done through PayPal.

Glitter Network

I became an affiliate in August 2013 and as of today I am still affiliate.  I have not made any money from this affiliate program, but I do not put their ads in my sidebar often. There are a number of different categories to choose from. The ads I have run in the past did not get much action and decided to give the sidebar ad space to one that does get more clicks.  With Glitter Network you will be able to run ads that are geared towards your blog.  Sign-up is easy. You can sign-up by clicking Glitter Network.  You have the option to receive your payment by PayPal or by check. You can use my affiliate link to sign-up http://prism.glitternetwork.com/signup/2718

Share A Sale 

This is another one of my favorite affiliate programs. Sign-up is easy! Once you have sign-up you apply to work with different merchants. You are sure to find the right merchants you want to work with. And these are merchants you and your readers are very familiar with. You can place ads in your sidebar, within your blog post, or you can write a post about a special offer coming up. From time to time, some merchants will ask you to write a paid post. That varies merchant to merchant. I currently work with 16 different merchants. However, I do not have 16 ads in my sidebar; I rotate them. Payment is sent by direct deposit. Join shareasale.com.

Social Spark
Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!




I am still on the fence. You receive leads and then apply for the ones that you like.  Sign-up is four easy steps, just click banner above or the link below. to sign up as a publisher.  Payment is sent using PayPal. Now I have received a number of leads and applied to maybe two. I did not get selected to write a post for the two I applied to. The leads do come in, but getting selected, well I haven’t unlocked that mystery yet.You can use my affiliate link to sign-up http://izea.in/r1UBN.


This one is easy to use and easy to sign-up for.  InfoLinks is links within the body of the blog.  I used info links for about a year. I did not get may clicks to the links, I made about $0.30 in a years time. Payment options are my PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH, or Payoneer. Minimum amount is $50 for payment to be sent to you.

Business 2 Blogger | B2B

This is a job board. So far, I have applied to a number of jobs but nothing back. I have not received a yes or no about any of the jobs I applied for. I’ll continue to check the job board from time to time. You sign-up, make a profile, and than you can search for jobs and apply.  The advertiser of the job pays you.  The one’s I looked at/ applied for did payment via PayPal.

Moms Affiliate

I have been with them for a while now. I have a Facebook wiget, linked to run coupon deals from Moms Affiliate. I also from time to time place ads in my sidebar. This is an affiliate I joined, but I don’t use it often. You can join Moms Affiliate using my affiliate link http://www.momsaffiliate.com/e/2p1ecq5qu3.

Amazon Associates

I just recently joined again. Yes, again. I am giving this a second try to see how it goes. Sign-up is easy, but if no sales are made, you may get dropped from the program. I’ll update on how it goes the second time around.

Do you have a favorite affiliate you enjoy working with?