If you are a Mom, then you know that sometimes life can get pretty hectic. But every woman needs and quite simply deserves a little time to herself. She has to be able to relax, put her feet up and let the world of worry and hecticness melt into oblivion. At the end of the working week, what are a few hours to ask? A few hours where you are free from responsibilities and can be that carefree girl you once were. The truth is if you do not find time for yourself, you run the risk of running on empty and eventually burning out. You do not deserve that. You need to take care of your own health and wellbeing so you are able to properly take care of your children. So that means that indulging yourself every now and again is not a crime. It is a prerequisite to living your best life and being the best mom and woman you can be.  

Know you Deserve it

It does not matter how you intend to enjoy your free time if you are not in the right headspace. The first thing to do to enjoy the much-coveted “me-time” is to know that you deserve it. You are not a skivvy, you are a woman with thoughts and feelings of your own, and you need to have space to be yourself every once in a while. So get the mindset right, and you are halfway there to making the most of me-time.

Learn to Relax

This may sound like a bit of a weird one, but the truth is many people do not know how to relax. They cannot turn off their minds for any reasonable length of time to help give themselves space away from their troubles. That is without the aid of alcohol or any other substance. However, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to learn to relax sober. That’s both mind and body. One way to really relax is to learn how to meditate. The great thing about this is that you can incorporate this into your daily routine quite easily. Simply a few minutes in the morning or evening. Just close your eyes when you are free from all distractions and concentrate on your breathing for ten minutes or so. Try to allow all those thoughts to ebb away, don’t fight them, just let them fade away. If you can master this, you will feel so much better for it. When you open your eyes again, the stresses and strains of your life will have faded away, and maybe a new focus has materialized. 

Bath Time

Instead of always having an on-the-go shower, take some time out and indulge in a bath. A warm bath can offer you so many health benefits, such as relieving stress and lowering blood sugar levels, among other things. It does not cost a fortune either. Also, if you add some essential oils to the water, you can maximize the effectiveness of the bath. Another thing very important to all you women out there is that a bath can be great for your skin. It helps unclog those pores and can hydrate you. You could even play some relaxing whale music or something to get you really in a relaxing mood. At the end of the day, if you are living a high-stress life could mean you suffer ill effects such as a heart attack. You simply need a bath every now and again. 

Spoil Yourself

Do not get in the habit of never buying yourself anything. This is not an ideal circumstance. You will resent the family if you always put yourself last, and you will start to look a little shabby and worn around the edges. So go and get that haircut or manicure if you need one. Or buy yourself a little gift, a nice new handbag can make you feel a lot better, so can those partying heels. You work hard, and sometimes you need to see the end results of this hard work to know it is all worth it. So if your smartphone has seen better days, for example, get a new one. And don’t worry about all that important information not being on the new phone as there are guides on how to set up a new iPhone from an old iPhone. So there is no excise to purchase that new phone. It is vital you remember that as a Mother, you are not a second thought. You need to take care of yourself so you can be the best you, you can be.

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