Accommodation options are vast no matter where you go. Some of them are expensive, but there are always more affordable options. When traveling with your family, the first thing you should worry about is having enough room for everyone so you should always choose the accommodation accordingly. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on hotels, which can be quite pricey even only for a night or two, you should consider some other options.


Cheap Accommodations When TravelingHostels are usually considered dirty, gross and filled with young people who leave nothing but a mess. However, hostels do not look like the ones from movies; rather, they are actually clean and comfortable, and the only potential problem is sharing the space with others. Many hostels offer a wide variety of rooms where you can book single and double beds, but you can also get one of the dorms for yourself and not share the facility with strangers.

Nevertheless, hostels are a much cheaper option than most hotels and they offer plenty of amenities for every generation. Many families, big or small actually stay in hostels and they enjoy them better than exclusive hotels.

Short-Term Rentals

Cheap Accommodations When TravelingAnother option is renting a house while you are traveling with your family. According to your budget and preferences, you can rent a house or an apartment and spend your holiday in a fully furnished place with everything you need. Such accommodation is perfect if you are staying somewhere for a week, or longer. Short-term rentals are somewhere in between hotels and hostels, but they offer full comfort and freedom, for a significantly smaller sum.

Plus, you have your own kitchen where you can prepare your kids’ favorite meals and save money on expensive restaurants and junk food.

House Sitting

Cheap Accommodations When TravelingSimilar to short-term rentals, you can apply for house sitting while traveling. This is even cheaper, and all you have to do is enjoy your stay and take care of the house, plants, and pets. Today, house sitting is a huge trend in Australia and if you wish to explore this country and enjoy the beauties of Sydney, you should consider this option. All you have to do is browse through offers for house sitting in Sydney, find the one that fits you best and take care of the things listed in the ad.

House sitting is way cheaper than hotels, and it offers you the same (or at least similar) amount of comfort like your own house does.

Farm Stays

Cheap Accommodations When TravelingWhile traveling through the countryside, you should seize the opportunity to live on a farm, without having to do any farm work. Also, this will be a perfect chance for your children to see how a farm works and even engage in some simpler tasks.

Besides being comfortable, farm stays offer plenty of outdoor activities; fresh air and some of them even include luxurious rooms for you and your family.


Cheap Accommodations When TravelingInstead of closing yourselves in small, stuffy rooms, you can easily reunite with nature while traveling. Camping is not only fun for the whole family, but it can be free. This depends on the site you choose for camping since some popular tourist locations have their daily fees. Bringing tents, hammocks and other essentials are easy and you can spend the night wherever you want.

Plus, your family will enjoy fresh air and your kids can learn a trick or two when it comes to surviving in nature.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hotels, when you can get the same amount of comfort much cheaper. Do your research; find the best accommodation alternative for your next trip and save some extra money for some other things.

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