Getting locked out of your house is the worst thing to happen, and it usually happens when you have something important to do. As you are standing in front of your locked door you are probably thinking about how did you let that happened and how you are gonna get inside. But don’t despair here are some things you can try to when you get locked out.

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Call a Friend

When you live alone in most cases you will give a spare key to your family member or a close friend, so when you lock yourself out just call them and ask them to bring it to you. But if you are living in a rental, call your landlord and ask them to let you in. It is understandable if you don’t want to handout spare key to everyone but you need at least one person that has it in case there’s an emergency or you get locked out.

Find an Open Window or Door

Walk around your house and try all the windows or doors in case some of them are open. If you have security doors then you won’t get in without a key, but If you find an open window you have a chance. Be careful when you climb through it so you don’t get hurt. Of Course, you should never leave your windows and doors open while you aren’t home, they are really helpful when things like this happen. 

Ask your Neighbors For Help

Go over to your neighbors’ house and ask them for things like a coat hanger, screwdriver, a shoelace, bobby pin or anything that you could use to open your door. And since you’re already there ask them to help you do it. If you are going yo use things like coat hangers you have to be careful you don’t break them inside the keyhole or break the whole keyhole. 

Use a Plastic Card

Because you will always have a credit card or your ID card on you, try wedging it between the door and the door frame while you jiggle the handle with a lot of force. You can also use it to try and hit the mechanism and then press it with the card and unlock it. This one is time-consuming and tricky but it can be done.

Remove the Doorknob

If you can’t open it with a card or a hanger try to remove the whole doorknob. But this will not work if you have a deadbolt lock. Go to your neighbors’ house and ask for a flathead and Phillips screwdriver and then try to remove the doorknob and get into your home. But there are some doorknobs that if you take them apart the door will still be locked. Some door knobs have latches so when you get to the latch thy to the story it of with the screwdriver. If this works out as expected you will manage to move the knob out of the way and pull the latch with your fingers. This is also a slow method but you can cause any damage to your door you can just lose the parts or forget how to put it back together. 

Call a Locksmith To Help You

If it’s not an emergency, get your phone out and search up locksmith near me and find one that is the best in your area. Don’t worry about sounding dumb, they are there for exactly this reason and the locksmith will open your door for you instead of you breaking in. Depending on how good of a lock you have, it takes about an hour for a locksmith to open the door for you. The prices range from 40 dollars to 75 dollars per hour. When he looks at it he will tell you how much time will he approximately need to unlock the door.

Break into Your Own Home

If all else fails you will have to break into your own home. Keep in mind that this should be done only if its an emergency, such as pets being unfed, a child left alone, someone injured or water running. Only if you are completely sure that you have to, smash your window or kick down your door. You should also think about what to break because you will need to pay for it after to fix it.

After you get locked out of your house once, you will want to prepare yourself so that it doesn’t happen ever again. By following these tips you will save yourself from losing time and patience if you happen to lock yourself out. 

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As you are standing in front of your locked door you are probably thinking about how did you let that happened and how you are gonna get inside.

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