Adult life comes with a host of benefits. One of them is that you finally have the money you need to live your life as you see fit. You’re free to do just about whatever you like, from traveling the world to plowing all your spare cash into stocks. 

Unfortunately, there are also costs – and one of them is remaining close to your family. Once things like work, romantic relationships, and household chores come onto the scene, you soon find your weeks evaporating. What time do you have for leisurely social interactions? It all seems fleeting and impossible. You’re continually waiting for a future that never seems to arrive. 

Are you struggling to fit your lifestyle around your family? Do you sometimes feel like you’re all drifting apart? Not to worry: here are some ways that you can turn things around. 

Set Up Regular Phone Call Sessions

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Some families like to make a ritual of phone calls. Every Friday at 7 pm, they chat for half an hour about what’s happened during the week. Inevitably, the conversation develops into something deeper and more meaningful. And eventually, you get the sense that you’re still in a proper relationship with the person, even if you don’t interact with them in the physical sense. 

Phone calls have the added advantage that they save you time. There are no travel costs, and you can talk to your relatives in your PJs if you want. There are no rules against it!

Organize A Photo Session

Organizing a family photo session is a powerful way to bring people together. You and your family can have a fun day out and create a bunch of new memories at the same time. Everyone can take back copies of the day with them to their respective abodes, hang them on the wall, and feel a sense of connection. 

Arrange A Virtual Games Night

Okay – so there might not be all that much to talk about over the phone, but that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to chat. You can just play games instead over the internet. 

Words With Friends is a good idea. So too is Draw Something, which works a bit like a digital version of Pictionary. 

Call Them Up For Advice

Deep down, most people want to feel needed by other people. So when you call up family members for advice, it helps them to feel closer to you. They want opportunities to show you that they care about you as a person and your wellbeing. 

You don’t even have to go deep with family. Asking them for their help with something mundane – like the color, they should dye their hair – is often enough to make them feel more included in your life. 

Keep The Relationship Simple

Families don’t have to be complicated and dysfunctional. Often simplicity is the best policy. Relationships can remain practical, and you can treat your family like a kind of business where each person has a role or a purpose. That way, everyone knows where they stand, and you reduce drama. 

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