There’s nothing quite like stepping onto new land and discovering a new part of the planet. Although you strive to make the most of every trip, you may feel as though those encounters have passed you by and are now just a fading memory. You might even forget some details about your journey, such as the name of a restaurant or a community you met along the way. It’s a shame when treasured memories like these fade away, and if you’re planning to travel the world once restrictions are lifted, you may be searching for ways to recall your adventures so that you can look back on them fondly in the future. Here are some incredible ways to treasure your traveling experiences!

Keep a journal

There may be parts of your trip that you’d like to recall but won’t be sharing with family and friends. Why not keep a travel journal in which you write about your most unforgettable experiences to accomplish this?  It will serve as a personal travel journal in which you can record your thoughts and feelings to be treasured later in life. Perhaps you’ll encounter someone you’ll never forget, or you’ll want to record how the food tastes in comparison to what you’re used to. Whatever you write, you’ll enjoy reading it after you’ve completed your trip.

Start a travel blog

If you’re not the kind to sit down and write in a diary or journal, a travel blog may be the right fit for you! You can not only reflect on all of the great experiences you’ve had, but you can also share them with the rest of the world! People who have visited the area where you’re staying might be able to suggest new places to visit or restaurants to try. Begin a travel blog and record everything, including the highs and lows, as well as pleasant and unpleasant memories. For a more authentic story, include travel photos, particularly realistic ones to capture the attention of your audience as well as make remembering that experience more realistic.

Video your experiences

Although traveling is all about the memories and living in the moment, there’s nothing wrong with videoing those unforgettable moments to relive later or show friends and family. There are no words to adequately explain the feeling of jumping out of a plane or the sensation of holding a Koala bear. Documenting portions (or all) of your journey on film will provide you with a wealth of memories to savor in the future. If you want to make an amazing film about your travels, you should consider purchasing a drone like the Mavic Air 2S, which can not only film spectacular views but also take incredible photos.

Scrapbook it all!

Scrapbooks are a fantastic way to relive memories and relive them as if they happened yesterday. Scrapbooks usually contain both pictures and writing, as well as knickknacks and mementos you’ve found along the way. So, if you’ve seen a fantastic display or come across an oddly shaped crystal on your travels, save it and scrapbook it! Of course, you may wait until you get home, but if you have time while traveling, the memories will still be fresh in your mind, and the feelings you’re experiencing will be reflected in your scrapbook. For each new place you visit, you can make a scrapbook to look back on in a few years!

Collect mementos

Even if you don’t intend on scrapbooking your mementos, they’re a great way to recall a journey. Take the time to collect one of each with each new destination, whether you like stones, seashells, buttons, key rings, or candles, so you can fondly recall your adventures and have something very unique to show for it! If you don’t plan on keeping your mementos on show in your home, you could create travel boxes to keep these special items safe for the future.

Send postcards to yourself

Finally, since you can take home videos and pictures to show loved ones, as well as video calling them during your trip to show off the beautiful scenery, sending postcards isn’t something people do as much these days. Many tourist destinations, however, still offer postcards, which are a wonderful way to recall your travels. You can write about your experiences for each day or week you’re traveling in it, much like a diary. This will soon accumulate overtime for you to appreciate and cherish with those you care about!

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