Here at Life of Creed, lots of projects have been going on the past few months. Many of them are home improvement projects to make minor updates to all the rooms in my house to sell it. I didn’t want to break the bank in making updates to freshen up the house. So I’m doing simple and easy things like paint, carpet, etc. which can make a huge difference.

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The first room that everyone on team Life of Creed tackled was the master bathroom. I’ve painted this room probably 4 times since moving into this house and always stayed with neutral, toned down colors – tans and light yellows. But for this project, I decided to go outside my color comfort zone and went with blue. Yes, blue! A beautiful light blue and it brighten the bathroom up so much! Very happy with this paint choice.

Using  paint sprayer to paint ceiling.

The first step in the update project, we changed the toilet in the bathroom. This isn’t a fancy or super expensive toilet. It’s an inexpensive one, but with a new feature of the tall seat height. The toilet selected was the AquaSource Henshaw White WaterSense with elongated chair height.

Years ago, we had changed out the flooring in the bathroom and laid tile down. So, the floors didn’t need any attention when it comes to updating the master bath. To make things a little easier and quicker I brought a paint sprayer. One to be able to also paint the ceilings throughout the house and to make it easier to paint the walls.

Midway through we decided to also paint the cabinets white. Once the walls were dry we used pre-tapped painters plastic to protect the walls from any overspray from the paint sprayer.

Bathroom cabinets prep to be painted.


After of cabinets being painted white.


White wall cabinet.

The last final touches were to update the light fixture, electrical outlet covers, and paint the border around the mirror white. This mirror was also a DIY project many years ago. This is just the regular bathroom mirror. We took it off the wall and glued wood trim around it to give it a new look. So giving the wood trim a fresh coat of paint, just gave it new life again. You can check out this previous DIY on how I put vinyl tile inside the bathroom cabinet. 

The most important part… This project did not break the bank. It was about $380 for all the materials.

Painting materials.


  • Toilet – AquaSource Henshaw White WaterSense
  • Light fixture
  • Globes for light fixture
  • Ceiling paint (white)
  • Wagner Paint sprayer (similar to one purchased)
  • Blue paint for walls
  • paint brushes (varies sizes)
  • Latex gloves
  • Painters tape
  • Painters pre-tapped plastic
  • Paint pan liners
  • Paint thinner
  • Electric outlet covers

Most of the material purchased can be used for the guest bathroom update. As that bathroom will have the same color as the master bathroom.

Let’s get to chatting in the comments… Are you a DIYer who does the majority of your home improvement projects yourself?

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