The next room on the home project is the guest bath. If you haven’t seen the one on the master bath, you can read it here. This was really easy to do, as it’s smaller in size than the master bath and the only update was to paint walls, paint the ceiling, paint the trim, new light fixture, etc.

A couple of years ago, I replaced the flooring with a rectangle tile and also the vanity to one that was smaller, to help make the guest bathroom look bigger.

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Since the flooring and vanity had been changed, this made this project super quick and easy to complete. Here’s the before and after photos of this super easy update project.

In the before photo, the ceiling is already painted.

The next before picture shows the old light fixture and the vanity that I updated to a while back. There is a story about this vanity… I hadn’t planned on updating it but one day while at Lowe’s I saw it on clearance. I can’t remember the price but it less than 100 bucks, so I brought. It was one of those, I don’t need this, but going to buy this purchase.

Well after it set in the garage for a few months, I finally decided to install it in the bathroom. It made a difference, but the original vanity took up a lot of space, but it was the bathroom options they were putting in when the house was built. It gave lots of extra open space in this small guest bathroom once it was installed.

Now the after photos…

A nothing way to update that’s inexpensive is to replace the mirror with a decorative one. This is a decorative wall mirror I brought years ago. It was brought just for decoration but decided it would look great in the bathroom.

Wall mirror

I hope this post gives you ideas on how you can give your guest bathroom a new look without having to break the bank.



  • Light fixture
  • Globes for light fixture
  • Ceiling paint (white)
  • Blue paint for walls
  • Paint brushes (varies sizes)
  • Painters tape
  • Painters pre-tapped plastic
  • Paint pan liners
  • Electric outlet covers
  • Paint roller replacement rollers

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