The beauty industry has certainly been on the rise in the past few years and in 2019 we’ll see some ground-breaking innovations. Consumers are constantly reaching out and sharing their needs and thoughts making the suppliers improve their products and offer better and more innovative solutions in the field of makeup, skincare, and every other beauty segment. From artificial intelligence and augmented reality to some serious novelties in dental care, we’re in for fabulous beauty trends this year.

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Digital beauty consultant

We all know how unsanitary testing lipsticks at the store can be, which is why we’re now seeing the innovation in the beauty industry with augmented reality. Sephora’s Virtual Assist app offers you a chance to try out all of the lipsticks they sell enabling you to pick out your perfect shade without making your lips go through the devastating process of putting on a lipstick that so many women have tried on their lips before you. Furthermore, if you need someone to evaluate your skin and recommend the best skincare products for you, a smart mirror will be your next best friend. It can scan fine lines, pores, wrinkles and rates the factors from good to poor after which you’ll get a list of personalized tips and products that your skin needs.

The new generation of dental implants

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When it comes to dental care, we’ve been witnessing various innovations from clear braces to revolutionary whitening treatments. This year, All on 4 dental implants are taking center stage allowing you to have a fully functioning, stable, full arch of teeth in less than a week. You are now able to have a flawless smile without bone grafting. All it takes is for two posterior dental implants to be tilted, so that all the bones in the jaw that normally would be out of reach, in a conventional approach, could now be used. Unlike conventional approaches, all on 4 dental implants offer you immediately fixed teeth without a long healing period.

Smart hair care

Two years ago, Kérastase created the first smart brush which establishes the quality of hair with the use of sensors. It also monitors the effects of your hair care regimen, and with an app that comes along with the brush, you can get all the insights and recommendations that will help you improve your hair care routine. The brush can also tell you whether you’re brushing your hair too hard thanks to a microphone that’s installed in it. Only now did the brush became a true discovery in the field of beauty and is coming a long way in the future as well.

Personalization with artifical intelligence

Women often have trouble finding the perfect shade of foundation for their complexion, but this will soon not be a problem for anyone. Namely, instead of being impractical and creating hundreds of shades, L’Oreal subsidiary Lancome offers one of the most innovative solutions that is created by a machine called Le Teint Particular. The custom-made machine can find the exact shade for everyone’s complexion by using artificial intelligence. After Lancome’s consultant checks your skin tone with a handheld colorimeter, they will put the findings into a computer and allow the algorithm to choose your perfect shade out of 20,000 offered hues. Once the computer has found your perfect match, the machine will then mix it for you on the spot. With Le Teint Particular, all of our foundation troubles will be history, but only after it’s available worldwide. For now, you can find it at Harrod’s and Selfridges in the United Kingdom.

2019 has been nothing if not revolutionary in the field of the beauty industry. From virtual beauty assistants, through ground-breaking dental implants and all the way to smart brushes, we’re certainly going to be offered fascinating products in the future too. Our beauty routines will be so much easier with so many amazing beauty products.

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Innovation and Future Trends in the Beauty Industry

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