When it comes to interior designing in the home, I like to look through magazines or Pinterest, for some inspiration and even ideas to try to copy as it. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an interior designer in your home? It’s no longer just a fantasy, you can now find interior designers that are affordable.

You can get an interior designer in your home who will help create the perfect space for you. The experience is truly one of a kind so we decided to break it down for you in three easy steps:

1. Let the designer get to know you:

interior design Tell them the bare bones: are you interested in working on a home, office, store or something else? How big is it? Do you have a project budget? Do you own or rent? And then tell them the juicy stuff: What inspires you? What does your ultimate dream space look like? From picking paint colors to gutting a brownstone, they can handle any project, any size.

2. The first date, aka meet your designer:

interior design When you and your designer meet, you’ll tour your space, you guys chat. Then your designer follows up with a few design options for improving your home/office/whatever. Share your ideas with your designer so that the designer can understand your goals, needs and wants. Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship!

You want the relationship between you and the designer to be as stress-free and helpful as possible. You want your designer to be on the same page as you and open to listening to your ideas, but also share (not focus) their design ideas.

3. Purchase your designer’s time:

interior design Many designer, offer affordable packages. Pick a package that not only fits your budget, but will also get the job done with it being rushed.