Over the past few days I have shared a few Mexican theme recipes with you.  Here is the guacamole recipe I made.  Guacamole, has become one of my favorite dips over the past couple years.  Surprisingly, I did not start to eat it, until moving to Japan.


I made this only minutes before guest arrive, to avoid it from turning brown.

Here is the guacamole recipe I made. Guacamole, has become one of my favorite dips


3 avocados

4 tbsps of B’s Pico de Gallo

3 Roma tomatoes diced

1/2 pack of guacamole mix (optional)


The guacamole mix I used.

Preparation Instructions

Cut the avocados in half and you can use a spoon to easily get the avocado out of the skin.  Mash the using a fork.  Next, add in half the pack of the guacamole mix (I like to use this, just for some added flavor), mixing well.  You can also, just use the mix packet and not use the Pico de Gallo. Last add in the Pico de Gallo and mix in.  Lastly, top with some dice tomatoes.


Mashing the avocados together.

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Guacamole dip & purple corn tortilla chips