Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire. He is a rapper with his own style. He’s not your cookie cutter rapper with lyrics like the next rapper.

Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire

When you listen to Jimmy Carter, he gives you a 90’s rap feel. You can clearly understand the words coming out of his mouth.  It’s something that will make you bob your head to his music. He has a sound all his own.

Listening to the album Jimmy, it was hard to pick a favorite. Each song is unique in its own way. Tracks from the album that must be mentioned are “Danny LaRu”, “Staff”, and “Wu Gracias”.

These songs stood out the most and I had to hit replay to listen to them again. All the songs, you can hear the energy coming through the speakers that Jimmy Carter has. He’s letting everyone know who Jimmy Carter is and he did not come to play games.

About Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire

Second personality of Malachi Navi Wahy, representing the Ego.

Jimmy Carter is inspired by Nas, Dr. Dre, Michael Jackson,  Elton John, Prince, Wu-Tang Clan, and many others.

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Check out the video to Jealous.

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