Ephect is back on the blog. If you missed the first post catch up and get to know Ephect here. I’m going to jump right into this review of the video for “Just Like That”.

The animated video to Music Artist Ephect hit party club song

First off, it is very entertaining. What’s different about this Hip-Hop video? It’s animated. Yes, it’s animated and done very well. It’s a video, but it could be the pilot episode to something very amazing. Watching it, I was thinking -this is something I would see on tv. Think adult swim cartoons along the line of Bob’s Burger, The Boondocks, Futurama, South Park, etc.

Lyrics and music wise, it’s on point. Song and beat produced by Nick J, it’s a party club track, so you will definitely want to dance to it. Ephect has his own unique delivery style for spitting lyrics. This video shows that a good artist doesn’t have to have a video set where the women are in barely dresses to make the hip-hop video a hit. Long as music is good, it stands on it’s on. And “Just Like That” is a two for one – good music and the video is entertaining. You get to listen to great music and watch a dope video, that leaves you wanting more.

Ok, so don’t just take my word for you, check out “Just Like That” below. It’s streaming on AppleMusic, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, iTunes, and more. 

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About Ephect

The animated video to Music Artist Ephect hit party club song Ephect is an independent rap and hip-hop recording artist and music producer born, raised and located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

His brand new 18 song album titled the Nphection LP was released on Sunday, September 2, 2018. It is now available on all the streaming services and digital stores.

Ephect delivers a unique and creative sound. His flow delivery may be perceived as slightly simple and sometimes animated, but his words can have a strong and powerful impact. His lyrics speak from experience, emotion, and realism. His body of work displays a spirit of ambition, a vision of success, a voice of determination, an attitude of persistence, thoughts of reality and an imagination that can run wild.

Ephect is a registered US trademark.

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