Planning your home’s decoration and overall aesthetics is probably one of the most exciting things ever. You get to add a personal touch to each part of your house. Aside from that, home improvement is also a significant way to increase real estate property’s value.

A few years back, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house. It’s basically a place where meals are being prepared, and dirty dishes washed. This year, the kitchen plays a much different role. Nowadays, the kitchen is the focal point of a house. It brings people closer together through eating, conversing, preparing meals, and inviting in guests. Instead of preferring a plain old, bland kitchen, this particular place in a home is now paraded in all its beauty at the center of the house.

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Nothing wrong about wanting a little bit of glitz and glamour. Which is why listed below are top kitchen design trends for 2020 to help you redecorate your kitchen into something you never imagined it to be:


Dark colors like black or gray are often overlooked as mere accent colors. But this year, black is something you should consider incorporating into your kitchen. This color lives and screams out luxury and elegance, adding a lovely charm and rustic, homey vibes to your space. You might want to pair this up with black or white minimalist cabinets to give your kitchen a bolder and fuller but clean look.

Pop of Color

Now this one’s for all the folks there who would love a pop of color in their kitchen. Kitchens are perfect spaces that rife with a variety of color opportunities, ranging from your appliances all the way down to walls, flooring, cabinet hardware, and window frames. One of the easiest and simplest ways to live this out is by painting a wall in your kitchen with full, bold color. Nothing too loud if you prefer something simpler yet still adds vibrance to your kitchen. You can pick between orange, yellow, blue, red, or green. But remember, decide on how much commitment you’re willing to make before actually putting everything into action.

Stone Age

Marble has been in for the past years, and it continues to be a kitchen staple this 2020. In fact, if there’s anything that storms up style charts and shakes up interiors, it’s the phase of marble. White and black mixed with gold or silver make the perfect staple to any kitchen. However, make sure you incorporate marble with simpler furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware to balance everything off together.

Two Islands

Think one kitchen island is not enough? Then make that two! Open floor spaces, especially kitchens, call the need for kitchen islands. Why not make it two so you could make the most out of your area and add storage around the kitchen? A pair of these island units have become a luxury with an expansive addition for when space is no longer an object.

Handleless Kitchen

While handles may be timeless, handleless kitchens are now the new in. Handled kitchen cabinets and drawers will never be a thing of the past, but handleless kitchen cabinets and drawers definitely make a kitchen look twice as neat. Handleless kitchen cabinets are probably one of the biggest trends to break the Internet this year as it becomes all about simplicity while focusing on cabinet details.

Wrapping Up – Never be afraid to mix and match finishes and furniture, especially in your kitchen. Also, add a personal touch to your space! Although you have to keep in mind that functionality should always come first before aesthetics. If both go well for you, then why not give it a shot?

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Never be afraid to mix and match finishes and furniture, especially in your kitchen. Also, add a personal touch to your space! Although you have to keep in mind that functionality should always come first before aesthetics.

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