Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Leo Salom and I’m listening to “Lie Machine”. This is my first time hearing music from him and it’s good. I have been missing out.

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This track is hot! It’s fresh, it’s upbeat, it’s the ultimate dance track. “Lie Machine” is a song that you would hear out in the club, as the beat is pumping. It’s made for dancing. I know it had me dancing as I worked. Leo  Salom is talented and it definitely shows in this song.

This would also double as a good workout music. It has a vibe that not only gets you pumped but keeps you wanting to push forward. Add to your to-do list to add “Lie Machine” to your playlist – dance playlist or workout playlist.

About Leo Salom

Leo Salom is  DJ and music producer based in Los Angeles, California. His sound is diverse, dynamic and particularly focused on textures. Leo’s blend of electronic dance music is inspired by genres as diverse as deep, future, and tropical house.

As a freelance producer and DJ, you might find Leo Salom collaborating with an array of musicians, artists, and performers.

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Leo Salom Artist Spotlight image

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