I read an article about a mother who homeschooled her kids and the field trips they went on were all around the world. This sparked my interest into becoming a homeschool family. My husband was still on the fence, wondered about our daughter making friends. I said lets give it a try for pre-school and if it doesn’t work out, we can also send her to a brick and mortar school. She loved it! I loved it! My husband loved! Here is a look into the life of a homeschooled kindergartener.


Here is a look into the life of a homeschool kindergartener.We lived in Japan for four years and that is where we started our homeschooling journey. I contacted the school liaison for where we live, asking for a list of homeschool options and how it all worked living in Japan as a military family. The liaison sent me a list of homeschool programs and after some research, we found a match for our family, Calvert Education. I enrolled our daughter online into this program. Calvert Education would send us a complete curriculum in the mail. The start of our homeschooling adventure.

We finished up our pre-school year and it was on to kindergarten. But before we even started kindergarten, we knew there would be some hiccups along the way. We had a vacation planned to Thailand and we would be moving from Japan to the United States in December.

One thing about the life of a homeschool kindergartener, you can take a vacation at anytime, not just during the summer month. We were able to plan a vacation around my husband’s work schedule. And when moving you can take a month off of school. Of course, that meant not having a Spring Break, but it is all worth it.

I haven’t even started on the fun part. Remember in the start of this blog post, I mention about the article I read and the field trips. That’s when the fun starts. We have had field trips at museums in Tokyo, checked out aquariums in many places in Japan. Life of a kindergartener who learns about different countries like Thailand, and then be able to go there and see the things she learned. The world is one huge field trip, she not only learns about these different places, but she also learns about traveling. I wish that is something I would have learned a younger age, to explore what the world has to offer, see how other cultures live.

Oh, and about making friends. Well, there are so many actives. Our little princess has made friends at ballet class, story time, gymnastics, playdates.  We haven’t even started any type of sports! There are many ways for her to make friends and interact with kids her age.

Last week, we started on the 50 States, which one she lives in, where she has visited. She is five and has lived in Japan for four years, so it is all she knows. She visited Hawaii, yearly as it was a quick six-hour flight from Japan, but now she gets to start a new adventure of traveling the vast land of the United States. Now, that is the life! The life of homeschooled kindergartener seems pretty good. No mortgage to pay or job to worry about. The care is school and enjoying life. I think that’s a pretty good life.