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Looking to travel this summer? Looking to make learning fun this summer? You can do both with Little Passports. What is Little Passports you ask?

Little Passports a global online adventure for children and kids. It is easy to get started with Little Passports. You sign up on the website for a subscription package. There are two packages offered: World Edition and USA Edition. Once you have pick your plan, you chose how long you want to subscribe for. From one month to a twelve-month subscription plan. The World Edition is recommended for ages 5 to 10 years old, while the USA Edition is recommended for ages 7 to 12 years old.

I received my 1 free month trial in the mail this week. When I open the box I was not sure what to expect. It is this cute little suitcase, which contains a world map, stickers, a passport, a letter from Sam and Sofia and a boarding pass, photo, and activity sheet. The boarding pass contains a secret code for online access to play games and do activities.

Unboxing, Little Passports, blue suitcase


Little Passports, little blue suitcase

A cute little blue suitcase

Little Passport suitcase, Same & Sofia, travel, passport, stickers,

Inside the Little Passports suitcase: World map, stickers, letter from Sam & Sofia, activities sheet, passport, and photo.

What do I think of Little Passports? It is a good program, a great add-on for homeschooling families to add to their curriculum. Toddler girl and I logged on and gave it a try. Once logged on, the boarding zone dashboard gave the option to use World or enter a new boarding pass. Clicking on World, we are taken to Worldwide Games. The games include World Trivia, World Continents, and World Map Puzzle. Toddler girl is four years old and was able to answer some of the questions in World Trivia. World Map Puzzle was a piece of cake to do.

There are even hints if the little one needs help to figure out where a puzzle piece goes. Last game was the World Continents, toddler girl was quickly not interested in this one. She did about three questions and wanted to go play Legos. Out of the three games, World Puzzle was her favorite. Will I subscribe to receive it monthly? No. We have been using other mediums for learning about other countries and will continue working with that. When we planned our vacation to Thailand, I was able to use the mediums to help teach toddler girl about them.

Here is one of the activities:

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