Love Ghost’s single “Mr. Blue”, produced by Carl Restivo will be released in a few days on March 1st. I had the pleasure of being able to check out the track early.

Love Ghost's single

What I like right off about this band was that it consists of a viola player, which is very unique for an alternative rock band. When I hit play to listen to “Me. Blue”, I was transcended into the ’90s (which if you’ve been a reader for a while, you know I love, love 90’s music) and knew within the first few seconds I would enjoy this track.

The vocals are on point, it’s a well written and performed song. I have to say, I just love viola in this song, it really gives it that extra sparkle. Mya, really makes the viola sing. Don’t get me wrong, each band member plays does an amazing job at vocals and their instruments, it’s just viola stands out for me.

About mid-way through the song, the guitarist runs through some amazing riffs. A real showman! “Mr. Blue” a great song and if you are a alternative rock fan, you are sure to like this track and want to add it to your playlist. Don’t take my word for it, check out the video for “Mr. Blue” below.

Watch the Video

Check out Love Ghost performing “Mr. Blue” Live at Lucky Strike in Hollywood. 

About Love Ghost

Love Ghost is an alternative rock band consisting of Finn Bell (guitar and vocals), Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums). They have just returned from a successful tour of Ireland where they played Whelan’s, Crane Lane and Roisin Dubh (amongst others). They will be touring Japan in March and have 10 shows booked in Tokyo and Osaka.

The band’s latest single “Mr. Blue” was produced by Carl Restivo (Tom Morello’s “The Atlas Underground”). Love Ghost is aiming for a tighter, “rock and roll with a pop sensibility” sound with this song. The lyrics (by Finnegan Bell) are about depression- a youth’s inner struggle with relationship’s and finding his place in society.

The band has won numerous awards including Best Alternative Rock Band (Hollywood Music in Media Award), Best Music Video (New York Film Awards, LA Shorts Awards, Paris Music Video Underground, NYC Indie Film Awards, Top Shorts, Festigious, London Independent Film Awards, and many others.

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