MajorTommy’s debut EP No Flight Nor Fear, it’s four songs and each one is different from each other, but all equally outstanding.

First song “Honey” MajorTommy vocals are amazing. He has that rasp in his voice that really brings that rawness to the song. It sets the vibe for the EP, I can’t wait to hear the next song. “Tell Me” the vocals, totally different here. MajorTommy has a very unique range. “Honey” was raw, kinda gritty, but “Tell Me” soft, more along the lines of a ballad. Very well arranged and very relaxing song.

The vibe I get from No Flight Nor Fear, is mellow, just sitting on the patio or just relaxing in a hot bubble bath. It’s music for relaxing. “Slow Motion” is a song that MajorTommy wrote, produce, and performed for his wife. Beautiful written. “I Don’t Wanna Go”  starts with a piano playing. This song, my favorite on the EP. The music arrangement, the vocal are all on point. MajorTommy is a talented singer.  You can watch the video below for “I Don’t Wanna Go”.

The order of the songs on the EP is perfect. Start with a amazing song and ends with an amazing song. No Flight Nor Fear does not disappoint. It’s available on all leading digital outlets.

About MajorTommy

Major is a nickname Tommy was given years ago. Apart from that MAjORTOMMY is a mystery – a person without history.

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Check out the video to Satisfied.

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