I have been blogging for less then a year.  My subscriber’s list, follows, and likes are
mainly family and friends.  Being a
stay-at-home-mom, I figured it would not hurt to use my new blog to bring in a
little money.  These are not ways “to get
rich”, but just added bonus; diners out, movie, shopping, and things like that.
I wanted to share the sites I am using. If you have a site you use, please
share it in the comments section. These are just my tips and they may not work for everyone.

Amazon Affiliate

I have been using Amazon Affiliate for about two month.  I use it on my website; on my home, about me,
and extras pages.  I have not figured out
how to add it my blog page yet. Reading online I have found that some people do
not like it, because the commissions are low. I feel this is a good jumping off
point for a newbie like myself. You payment is sent to you direct deposit,
check mailed to you, or an Amazon gift card. You can click here to join.

Google AdSense

I am still learning how to use Google AdSense.  I have it on my website and blog.  Click here to join or check it out.


I have been using this one about month.  I received my first lead today, about a item
I could blog about.  I have not received
the yes, but I’ll update this once I do.
SocialSpark is easy to sign-up as a publisher. Just click here and you
will have a four-step to get you on your way to earning some cash.  PayPal is use to pay you.

Glitter Network

I became a Glitter Network affiliate a few months after I
started my blog.  I run the ad on my
website.  I try to go with ads that are
more geared toward my most current blog post.
Click here to join or to check it out. Sign-up is easy and you just copy
and paste the banner code into you website or blog.


I became a SVERVE influencer this past month.  Sign-up was easy and I have already applied
to campaigns I would like to write sponsored post on. I have already begun
earning money by tweeting a sponsored share post campaign.  This site uses PayPal to pay you.