Driving down the long winding road, worries shed with every mile, joy being refueled with every signboard that you pass….

That’s how cathartic road trips are!

As put by the band U2 in 1987,

I want to feel sunlight on my face
I see that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I wanna take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name, oh oh

The “streets have no name” part sounds a bit risky, though.

We always suggest that you should do your homework before setting off.

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Road Trips – an exvellent way to unwind

Ever felt so weighed and tied down that you start feeling bogged and just want to flee it all? Well, this happens to the best of us, and this is why road trips are gaining popularity.

So what’s all the buzz about the road trips?

Majorly, road trips help you avoid unwarranted flight delays and make you your boss. You can plan as and when you want and enjoy it as you may wish to!

Have the road trip etched in your memory forever

Oh my! Road trips are a slice of heaven with the biggest icing and cherry on top, aren’t they?

According to a recent survey, around 75% of people preferred to drive to their destinations. They simply loved the freedom that comes with it and allows them to stop, snack, lounge around as per their wishes.

According to a recent survey, around 75% of people preferred to drive to their destinations.

Not to burst your bubble driving is super fun, but it can be quite tiring, and this is why you need to have a travel buddy. Memories are made and cherished when the minds are at ease. You wouldn’t want to be bickering and then be crammed in the same space, would you?

We thought so too!

Here are a few tips that can add the right charm to your road trip.

A drizzle of right planning, a dash of preparedness, and the stir of right people is just what you need!

Not entirely kidding, but we can do the potions class later…

So on with the tips:

1. Let your data be limitless and joys multitude

Rejoice in connections!

Face it! You cannot go tech-free. As we can see from the study, 31% of the people are more interested in week-long trips. Trips will not be fun if they do not have a connection with the outside world. The urge to stay connected to social media is strong.

As we can see from the study, 31% of the people are more interested in week-long trips.

This is why unlimited data on your phone can help you stay connected with the world. It allows you to access maps and apps that can help you make your travel perfect!

2. Make the unplanned slightly planned

We can pack tomorrow; tonight let’s flip a coin

Heads Carolina, tails California

A suggestion by a beautiful zesty road trip song.

No, just wait before you toss that coin into the air.

Make plans! You cannot go on a road trip on whims like these. For all we know next, you could be traveling to the Bermuda triangle with coin tossing guiding you!

Road trips call for planning; a destination needs the right path. Have road maps handy with probable routes highlighted. Download Google maps. This will help in areas where there is no cellular coverage.

3. Ensure your chariot is road-worthy

Cannot emphasize this enough!

Your car needs to be ready to brave those miles. Have it checked with the mechanic before you head out? Mentioning that your car will be doing miles can be extra helpful.

A car breaking down in the middle of the long road, with minimum cell reception is a horror for trippers. And no! No knight in shining armor comes down the long dusty roads; they prefer movie sets.

4. Own car vs. Rentals- the oh so! pressing decision

Rentals for long trips can cause quite a dent in your pocket. On the other hand, if you are traveling in your own car, you are literally free.

There are multiple sites that sell cars online with proper data. We would suggest that the best time to head on to the years-old dream of road trips is now when you purchase your new car!

So what are you waiting for, start clicking!

5. Refresh gadgets with the right chargers

You seriously do not want to worry about losing pictures if your camera dies? Not looking to carry multiple memory cards to ensure your trip is captured, right?

Carrying a multi-charger can be super helpful. These multiple chargers can easily be plugged in. The numerous ports allow you to charge your cameras, battery banks, mobiles, and laptops without a hassle. Ensuring longer cables can also allow flexibility and mobility.

6. Be your doctor

Episodes of flu, cough, or allergies are a natural occurrence when it comes to road trips. This is why you need to keep the medicines that you use regularly.

If possible, sharing the travel plans (don’t worry, the doctor probably is too busy to tag along!) can help the doctor suggest a few more medicines/ointments that can prove to be helpful.

7. Make sure the legalities are met

Oh! Don’t look so somber!

We want you to be careful. So it’s best you have all your travel documents in place and valid. Having online copies can also help. If (god forbid) some mishap befalls, you will have all your docs safe in the online version and can expedite the necessary processes.

It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Now go and rev up that engine…

As Louise said to Thelma,

“You’ve always been crazy, and this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself.”

Don’t wait for the chance,

Grab it up and tune your car, pack your essentials, and head on to the journey of rejuvenation to feed your soul and fuel your heart!

An element of surprise increases the spark, but making it too spontaneous can ultimately jeopardize the fun out of the road trip.

Our article is a little yet the holy grail for your road trip, so stick by it, and nothing is stopping you from making the mirages a reality. But if we have missed out on any more tips that proved to be useful for you, do share and update the fellow travelers.

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