Ever wondered if there was the right way for you to do your makeup when at the office? Well, there is! You know that a black cat-eye paired up with a bright red lip may only be appropriate for the night out, right? Anyways, if you are off to a job interview, your new office job, or if you simply want to figure out what are the right steps when it comes to makeup application for the office environment, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we will teach you all about the flawless application in only 6 steps!

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How To Do Your Makeup For The Office In 6 Steps

1 Flawless Glass-Like Skin

Makeup for the office

Flawless skin will close many, many great deals. However, a heavy and high-coverage foundation shouldn’t be your go-to choice.


Some foundations can look too heavy, cakey, and they can give you an unflattering cast on the face. Also don’t forget that the office lighting is often terrible and that you can end up looking ashy gray, or simply like you’ve never matched yourself correctly.

This is why a lightweight CC cream will get the job done.

This cream is also ideal if you are often on the run, or if you need something which you can blend in with your fingers.

It has sheer to medium coverage and is ideal for women who don’t have a lot of discoloration, acne or scarring.

In case you do, you should use a medium coverage concealer and vanish these little imperfections.

2. Enhance Your Eyes

Subtle is the best way to go, and there is no need for heavy glitters or smokey eyes. Also, try to avoid using black eyeshadow since it isn’t a typical morning go-to choice, and save these moments for your Vegas adventures with the girls.

An ideal everyday shadow is probably a soft brown, plum, or peach in the crease area. This color should be followed with the same shade only lighter in 2-3 tones on the eyelid. You can also use any shimmery formula on the lid, while the crease should always look matte.

Apply the crease shadow with a brush, but tap on the glitter on the lid with your fingers.

3. Killer Li Lash Extensions Save The Day

Lash extensions are a quick and easy everyday solution. Why? Because they are done at a certified lash salon and will last you for 2+ weeks!

These are ideal for your everyday wear since they can save you so much time when getting ready in the morning.

There is no need for mascaras, lash curlers, or strip-on lashes, your lash extensions are voluminous and pitch black on their own!

You can save up to 15 minutes by skipping your lashes & eyeliners, and rather invest that time in preparing yourself a healthy office snack!

Lash extensions can be customized per your wish (can look natural or a bit more fluffy) and will go so well with any makeup look you do, even the natural one!

4. Use Blush, Not Bronzer

Blush adds a soft and feminine touch to your cheeks, which is exactly what you need. You will end up looking a lot more approachable, and you will look natural, glowy & radiant.

However, if you were to put on bronzer or a heavy contour you’d totally switch up and change your face shape, and would look sculpted.

Also, adding shadow to your face is a lot more ideal and appropriate for the night time. This is why it is essential for you to look a bit more toned down, at least during your office hours.

Apply your favorite peachy or rosy shade to the apples of your cheeks and don’t forget to smile as much as you can!

5. High-End Perfume

Who doesn’t love a good high-quality perfume? But getting the right notes – this can be a bit tricky.

You don’t want to smell too powerful, masculine, or sexy for the office.

Some good notes which you should aim for are vanilla and roses, according to many scientists.

Make sure your perfume suits your personal taste and that it presents you the best way possible.

No reason to switch up your style, just stick with something soft, fresh, light, and long-lasting.

6. Killer Lip

Lastly, you will easily seal the deal if you have plumped and moisturized lips! You should go for a soft, subtle and natural pink or nude shade, and you should go for either a satin or gloss outcome.

Matte can look a bit too aggressive and harsh, and it can also accentuate fine lines on your lips, as well as any cracks.

Apply your favorite go-to lip pencil and outline the corners, and dab the lipstick in the center.

Make blotting motions instead of swiping to get the most amount of pigment, and redo the application every few hours.

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