Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Silas Luster’s single “Moldamensions”. It’s off his upcoming EP W.A.V. that will be released on March 29th.

“Moldamensions” is a dope song. Think old school Outkast meets new school Silas Luster when it comes to the beat. At least for me. You might hear it completely different. But it’s a different kinda vibe, but one that you will like.

It’s raw, the delivery of each part is like spoken word, as he spits out thoughts that many can relate to. All the little sounds that you hear throughout the track, give it that uniqueness that just takes it up a notch. Does it tell a story? No, but it does take you on a journey. I think that’s what Silas was going for – taking his listeners on a journey with this song and his music. It’s a fresh sound, something that has been lacking in hip hop lately. 

Moldamensions” leaves you wanting to hear the W.A.V. EP that comes out in a few days. I can only imagine it will be out of this world. Take a listen to it below. It’s a song that should be added to your mellowing out playlist. 

Listen to Moldamensions

About Silas Luster

Silas Luster is a hip-hop artist and filmmaker from Provincetown, Massachusetts. He is part of the creative collective (The BuLife) who pride themselves on their honesty, and aim to bring that transparency to hip-hop.

Silas has released four mixtapes, and is currently prepping the release of his solo EP for a March 29th release date, the project is titled W.A.V. He is currently touring with throughout New England and the Tri-State.

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