It has been years! YEARS, since I have been on a trip by myself. (Almost a decade.) And the way my anxiety and phobias are, makes it hard sometimes to do things at times. But it was time to plan a Mom Trip! I researched a place that I could go, solo, but also be able to enjoy myself. Well, Las Vegas won! I would be able to shopping, go to the spa, eat great food, and entertain myself (casino). Well, the weekend before my trip, Vegas is the story on all the news channels. Mass shooting. 58 people were killed and nearly 500 injured.

Mom Trip Las Vegas - But it was time to plan a Mom Trip! I researched a place that I could go, solo, but also be able to enjoy myself. Well, Las Vegas won! I would be able to shopping, go to the spa, eat great food, and entertain myself (casino).

But I did not let that put my trip on hold. Vegas showed they are strong. #VegasStrong That they would not let the senseless act violence by one person bring fear to the city. I kept with my itinerary and flew to Las Vegas the following weekend. Anxiety through the roof.

I arrived in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon. Slot machines greeted me as I stepped into the terminal from the airplane. I made my way to the ride share parking area to meet my Uber. Wow! I’m in Las Vegas! First time in Las Vegas. I did mobile check-in to my hotel before I left home, so when I got to the Bellagio I did not have to wait in the long, long line. I went to the mobile check-in area and was able to do the last check-in step and get my room key. It took about 2 minutes. No line! No wait! Super quick and easy!!! I recommend the mobile check-in, especially if you are traveling with kids.

I head up to my room on the 24th floor. The room has a view of the fountain and the strip. The view was amazing at night. I was there only for the weekend, but I was able to do all the things I planned and did not feel like it all went by crazy fast. It was fun and relaxing. Plus, spa and shopping… need I say more.

Las Vegas, Bellagio

The Hotel – Bellagio

This hotel is nice!! Really nice, elegant! A bit pricey, but so worth it. Shopping is great! If you love designer and luxury brands, this is the place to stay and shop. Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Harry Winston, Chanel, Dior, and many other of the top luxury brands all located inside the hotel. None of these stores are near where I live, so having them all in one spot, is a plus.

Just a tram ride away (you can catch the tram from the hotel) is The Shops at Crystal. This gem; I didn’t know was there, I don’t know how I miss knowing this was a minute away by tram. Oh and the tram is free to ride. Cartier, Hermès, Christian Louboutin, Louis Viitton, Tiffany & Co., Mikimoto, Versace, Dolce & Gabba, and tons of other shops all under one roof. This is where I decided to do my shopping. Handbags and shoes!! I went to all my favorite stores.

The casino, was not super crowded. I did see a few people smoking, but the casino was not filled with smoked. The casino is across from the lobby area, so it’s very welcoming. I walked around on Friday afternoon and I could easily find the slot machine, poker machine/table, or any table that was calling to be played. I’m a slot machine girl, so I only played the machines (sticking to my gambling budget I set). I played my set amount in the slot machines, all of it. Every single cent! But… I also won back all the money I put in the slot machine and also won pass the amount I put in the machine. Lady Luck was on my side!! I did not come home empty handed.

There is also a Conservatory & Botanical Garden, located steps away from the front desk.. It’s 14,000 square-foot floral beauty. The Proud As A Peacock was the theme while I was there. It’s 45,000 flowers showcasing Autumn. The Conservatory is a must see!

Las Vegas, Bellagio Conservatory

Las Vegas, Bellagio 

Spa & Salon

I didn’t have an appointment, but was able to be in a stylist chair within 10 minutes. I did the Glazed and Shine Hair Treatment. It’s a 90 minute session. The hair color is enhanced by adding tone and gloss. (I went with a purple tone) The shined comes from a professional blow dry. I requested flat ironing, as I like my hair to be super sleek. My hair was shiny, bouncy, soft, and amazing once done.

After having my hair done, it was on to the nails. I did the Wine Therapy, a 50 minute session manicure. It starts with a warm soak in Chardonnay-infused cleanser, followed by a exfoliation with rejuvenating sugar scrub. A moisturizing massage with blends of aromatic oils and intensive moisturizers had my hands feeling so soft. I picked a nice autumn color for my nails to be polished, to complete the manicure session.

Las Vegas, Bellagio

The Eats

I checked out a couple of restaurants in the Bellagio. Noodle and The Cafe.

The Cafe
Ordered: Cinnamon Roll French toast with a side of bacon, cranberry juice.

Food was good, service was quick. I was there when they opened at 6am there was no wait for a table. I had a window seat and I was able to enjoy my breakfast overlooking the pool area.

Ordered: Thai spicy shrimp noodle and Thai ice tea

Las Vegas, Bellagio

I went about mid-afternoon. There was no wait for a table, but it was busy. I wanted to try the dim sum. There was a waitress that would come around with the dim sum cart, but she had to be hiding, because I seen her when I walked in and was being seated, but didn’t see her again. I even told my waitress I wanted to also order dim sum. She said that she would send the lady with the cart my way. But she never came. My noodle dish arrived that I ordered…. OMG so good! This is a dish I will be recreating in my kitchen. It was definitely delicious. I never got to try the dim sum, but I didn’t see many people eating it, so I’m going to take it that I didn’t miss out on it.

Las Vegas as a whole…. Fun! Great time! Great Mom Trip! I did venture out the hotel onto the strip. I did see a memorial on the sidewalk in front of the Bellagio fountain. People would pass by, stop and read the messages. Some would stop and take a picture of the memorial.  I watched the fountain show from both my room and from the sidewalk and it’s pretty awesome. I do plan to visit again and will definitely stay at the Bellagio again.

Oh, Las Vegas is kid friendly. There were kids of all ages inside the hotel and on the strip. There is tons of kid friendly things to do in Las Vegas.