It’s been a super busy couple months – with prepping the Tennessee house to sell, packing up the house into a POD, relocating to another state, buying a new house, unloading the POD and unpacking boxes. Now, this is not my first rodeo relocating. I’ve done this a few times – relocating to new states and also relocating to live in Japan. So, I’m pretty seasoned when it comes to moving, but it’s still stressful none the less.

Keep reading to see what else happened last month and what’s in the works from this month.

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Last month…

  • Moved into new house. 
  • Most days were spent homeschooling and getting house together.
  • Working on adding a new service to my coaching business JayCreed.comHint: It’s to help those who want to work from home.

This month…

  • Finish setting up/decorating my office. 
  • Mostly house stuff
    • Hang photos
    • Hang coo-coo clocks
    • Home decor stuff

What I’m Watching…

I’m playing catch up… I’m so behind on all the shows I’m watching.

  • Power
  • Housewives of Potomac
  • 90 Day Fiancée – Before the 90 Days
  • 90 Day Fiancée – The Other Way
  • 911
  • Ghosted
  • Mixed-ish
  • Bluff City Law

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