The home updating project continues. Only have 3 rooms left to paint. The biggest room, the living room is done. It was the one with the biggest challenge, because of the 20 feet ceilings.

We also finished our homeschooling year in June. Charmingly CJ is happy to have a break from school. I’ll be sharing an update on our homeschooling program when the new school year starts. We are switching from Calvert Education to a new program. There have been lots of changes to Calvert and that I’ve decided to move on from them after being with them since kindergarten. 5th grade will be new adventures for homeschooling.

Keep reading to see what else happened last month and what’s in the works from this month. 

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Last month…

  • Kickoff summer fun activities for CJ. When to our local zoo as our first activity. 
  • Working on a new program (4-day challenge) for my Creative Coaching business.
  • Continuing the home updates.
  • Cleaning closets – getting rid of things that are not being worn or doesn’t fit anymore.
  • Packing the things in each room that is not essentials right now, like winter clothes.

This month…

  • Finishing up the painting in the house.
  • Go through boxes in the attic. Condense or get rid of things. 
  • Record a new video for the Girl and Her Gun series. I’ve been slacking since starting the house painting project. 

What I’m Watching…

  • The Haves and The Have Nots
  • Housewives of Potomac
  • 90 Day Finance
  • Youtube videos when I’m working at my desk

Haven’t been watching much TV, but looking forward to the new season of Power in August.

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