I will be starting a new Monday series.  In the past I have done the Special Deal Monday post, I won’t do away with them, but they will happen throughout the week when I come across special deals.  Now on Monday’s you can come over to the blog and get a dose of motivation and inspiration to get your week going on a positive note.

I want to help you set and achieve goals. It can be short-term goals or long-term goals.  As a lifestyle coach, I want to help with showing you how to be your own cheerleader. How you can draw motivation from within. Today, let’s talk about setting goals.  Goals can be anything, finishing your degree or living a healthier lifestyle, to starting your own business. If you set your mind to something, you can achieve it.  Yes, sometimes you may trip or fall down, but that cannot be a showstopper.  Pick yourself up, dust off, and continue on.

Motivation Monday via lifeofcreed.com


Let’s not forget some fitness and healthy living goals.  As a mompreneur + lifestyle coach one of my goals for my coaching business is to help women live their best life, by achieving goals, living a healthy lifestyle, especially stay-at-home moms where some days there is not enough time in the day to think about exercise.  As a stay-at-home and work-from-home mom, I know those challenges all to well.  But with the princess, I have come up with ways to stay fit, eat healthy and she can join in all of the fun too.

One of thing the princess and I do together is yoga, mommy and me yoga. This is a way to not going get fit, but for some mother-daughter time.  It is a win-win! We not only do yoga, we also do some jumping jacks and other kid friendly exercises. I am also adding to my healthy eating plan.

Want a one-on-one session for to help set and achieve your goals. Just click here send me a personal message with any questions to find out how I can help you reach your goal in lifestyle changes or in starting a mompreneur journey.

What are you goals for this month? How are you working to achieve them? Let me know in the comments below.