This past Sunday, we did the Mount Fuji family hike and blueberry picking tour, offer on base by ITT. Our day started early, the bus was picking us from Ikego Housing at 5:30am. The hike would be from the 5th station to the 6th station.

mount fuji family hike

July and August are the only months for climbing Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji 富士山 is also call Fujisan here in Japan. Mount Fuji the highest mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji is about 60 miles south-west of Tokyo. We had to take advantage of this tour, before the season end because we would not have another chance to climb before we PCS from Japan. This is one think on my must do before we transfer. Glad we were able to check it off the list.

We arrive at the 5th station and you can see the summit of Fujisan right there. What a beautiful sight it is. There are people everyone. The parking lot is full of tour buses from all over Japan. Before exiting the bus our guide said we had fours hours and then meet back at the bus. We get off the bus and head straight for the store where we can purchase a walking stick. This was on our list to at least be able to get one stamp on our stick. We were able to get two, as the two huts that provide a resting place and the stamps were only a couple minutes apart. We actually were the only family that got our sticks stamped.

mount fuji family hike

Arriving at the 5th station

mount fuji family hike, mt. fuji

Sticking being stamped

The hiking trail to the huts was fairly easy. I expected to be huffing and puffing going up but nope, it was an easy trek. Now, the hike back to the 5th station was harder. The altitude made it harder to head down. We had to stop many times and take a break to catch out breath and drink water. At one point when the altitude change, it was very noticeable because I was able to speed walk back to the 5th station.  We hiked a total of 3.2 miles round trip. Toddler girl did the whole hike without having to be carried. She did great!!

Mount fuji family hike, mt fuji

Hiking up Fujisan

When we return to the 5th station we grab some lunch at the restaurant on the second floor of the building and than did a little shopping on the first floor for some souvenirs. It was off to get on the bus and head to our next destination for blueberry picking.

For the blueberry picking we would have 40 minutes to pick and eat all you want. We were also each given a container to fill and take blueberries home with us. Fresh blueberries right off the bush, you can’t beat that.

mount fuji family hike and blueberry picking

Picking blueberries

We arrive back at Ikego housing after 9pm. The traffic getting back was bumper to bumper. Other than the traffic, it was a fun trip. This was a once in a lifetime trip to be able to climb on Mt Fuji. My goal was not to climb to the summit, but to just climb up a bit. It was about the experience and the adventure of it.