As a parent or guardian, you know that there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your child or children. Part of taking care of them is being aware of the accidents that can happen in the home. We often think of our homes and gardens as safe, but a lot can go wrong for tiny humans. 

Tiny hands explore the world, and much of that involves wobbly running and eating everything insight – a nightmare combination. 

So here are some must-have baby safety items that can make taking care of your little ones just a little less worrying.

Safety Gates

From the moment your baby starts crawling, they will want to explore as much as possible. This includes trying to follow their carers upstairs or into the next room. A baby gate makes it easier for you to relax in the room you are in, without the baby escaping. 

At a minimum, a safety gate on the bottom of the stairs is one of the most vital things you can do. It only takes a moment for a baby to crawl up the stairs. Check out for some excellent safety gate options. 

Some people don’t enjoy baby gates, but others find them very useful. 

Corner and Edging bumpers

That cute little toddler is wonderful to watch, but the early stages of walking are very unstable, and children are prone to wobbling and eventually falling over. Table edges, fire surrounds, and cabinets all have corners that can leave a lasting mark. 

You can choose to line the entire edge with a clear rubber strip, or you could consider just the corner guards. 

Corner guards are typically clear rubber, and they prevent the fall from being as painful. They look similar to having a large water droplet on the corners, and one of the best things is that they aren’t screwed on – instead, they have an adhesive backing that allows them to be attached. 

Wall anchors

You might be surprised to find how much a chest of drawers looks like a mountain waiting to be climbed. Once your baby starts crawling, they will reach up to the nearest thing to help pull them up, and with walking, come climbing. 

You can be prepared for that by making sure all of your furniture is anchored to the wall

A typical concern is that the wall anchors will damage the furniture or the wall, but they are made to be discreet and sturdy. They only require some extra screws into the wall and the item of furniture. 


Your baby getting into pots and pans isn’t usually too bad, but if you have cabinets with chemicals – and most of us do, then you should consider a baby-proof cabinet system. 

This extra step to open the cabinet doors means that babies can open the door and can’t access the chemicals within. Some options have sticky back padding, and others will need to be screwed into the cabinet door. 

Babies are so active and like to explore as much as possible, so it’s your job to make sure they can do it safely. 

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