I thought it would be fitting to make the last blog post of the year a count down. I will share with you my most viewed post of 2015.  Let’s look back on what everyone was reading over at Life of Creed.



Life of Creed - My Top 10 Blog Post of 20152016 I will bring you more great adventures to share, recipes, DIY, fashion, beauty, things to do with kids, homeschooling, blogging courses, and much more. It’s going to be a great year!

1. DIY – Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit

DIY Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail KitThis was the most read post in 2015. I believe it was also one of the first beauty post I did.  For 2016 I will have to bring you more post on doing your nails at home.

2. 5 Days in Phuket | Itinerary

5 Days in Phuket via @LifeofCreed

It is great to so many people looked at my itinerary for Phuket. I hope great trips were planned using it. If you haven’t checked it and Thailand is on your bucket list. You need to check it out NOW!

3. Meet Jay

Life of Creed - lifeofcreed.com @Lifeofcreed

It’s great to know so many of you wanted to know the face behind the blog. Stay tune for new updates to the about page.

4. Zoff Eyeglass Store

Zoff Eyeglass Yokosuka

If you live in Japan, you will find it hard sometimes to do simple things. Like finding an eyeglass store and one that has English speakers. This store had great prices, quick service, and English speakers.

5. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Katathanie Hotel, Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has made it two spots so far on the count down. Yay! for Thailand by Motherland for being  a place many people were interested about this year.

6. Fun Things to do with Kids in Japan

Fun Things to do with kids in Japan

Japan is very kid friendly. This post just made it easy to find things to do if you live there or if you were just visiting.

7. Homeschooling Calvert Education

Calvert Education

I don’t make my own curriculum and Calvert Education makes homeschooling not scary and gives you all the tools you need homeschool your child.

8. Harley Davidson Shinjuku & Chianti-Quattro Shell Crab

Harley Davidson Shinjuku Japan via @LifeofCreed

Just another adventure finding a Harley Davidson shop in Tokyo. Please lunch at a nearby restaurant.

9. Welcome to First Grade | Calvert Education

Calvert Education

My little princess started first grade this year. She is growing up so fast.

10. Ofuna Kannon-ji | Goddess of Mercy

Ofuna Kannon, Goddess of Mercy

Adventures in Japan. This was a statue I seen many times while riding the train and I finally went to check it out up close.

Which post was your favorite post? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 


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